Monday, November 28, 2016

October 2016 Lifestyle Favorites

October was kind of a busy month (even without the traveling). So I don't have as many favorites as usual, but the ones I do have are wonderful!

TV Show: Designated Survivor
So Jack Bauer isn't exactly back, but having Keifer Sutherland back on television in a national security-related drama means he might as well be. This is my favorite new show this fall, and I highly recommend it.

Sweet Food: Duck Donuts
I wish I could explain to you how fat I could get off of these donuts. You can select so many different types of frosting/toppings, I'm drooling over here just thinking about it.

Restaurant: Fahrenheit (Charlotte, NC)
We haven't really done much eating out recently, but Ben and I went here with his parents when they visited earlier this year and it was excellent. Listen to the waiter recommendations - we ordered things we never would have based on them and it was a great call.

Book: Humans of New York: Stories
Based on the Humans of New York Instagram account - this is an amazing read (and a great coffee table book).

Candle: Pumpkin Chai by Nest
Arguably the most amazing candle I've ever smelled in my life. My Pure Barre studio was burning it when I walked into class, and I immediately purchased it.

Song: "I'll Be Missing You (Don't Raise Your Glass) - Mashup by Mashup Germany
My new favorite Flywheel (and driving around with the windows down because it's fall here now) jam.

Person: Kristin (KO)
To my newest Charlotte best. So glad that our spirit souls met over SkillPop one Wednesday evening. Love you so much, future Mrs. Dixon!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

College Football Week 10: Already a Playoff Shakeup

Disclaimer: I almost didn't post this in light of the election. I realize that this is a lot less serious than what's going on in our world right now, but we need to try & get back to normal while fighting as hard as ever for what we believe in. For me, normal is writing. So here we are.


(1) Alabama took down (13) LSU in another defensive battle 10-0 (which remained scoreless until the 4th quarter). (3) Michigan crushed Maryland 59-3. (6) Ohio State blew the doors off of (10) Nebraska 62-3, making that Wisconsin win in overtime not so impressive. (11) Florida lost to Arkansas 31-10, and TCU destroyed (17) Baylor 62-22.

But the big game of the day was (4) Texas A&M  falling to unranked Mississippi State 35-28, leaving the No. 4 spot open in the playoffs for (5) Washington, who won their game against Cal 66-27. 


FIRE: Mike Riley (Nebraska Head Coach)
Because that kind of loss to Ohio State just cannot happen. Urban Meyer doesn't need a bigger ego.

MARRY: Douglas Coleman (Texas Tech Defensive Back)
Because of the play of the year.

KILL: Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M Head Coach)
Because you had one job.


Sort of hard to argue with the top four, as they're the only four undefeated teams left (besides Western Michigan, hey guys! #RTB). If these four win out, those will be your playoff teams. If they don't... who knows? Lot's of places up for grabs.


(1) Alabama vs Mississippi State, 12PM ESPN
(24) LSU @ (25) Arkansas, 7PM ESPN
(4) Washington vs (20) USC, 7:30PM FOX
(3) Michigan @ Iowa, 8PM ABC

No good games in my opinion, but every game from hear on out is a must-win if the top four want to remain unchanged.
Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

Monday, November 7, 2016

October 2016 Beauty & Fashion Favorites

Again, a low number of favorites this month (yay team #savingmoney). But don't worry, my holiday favorites are sure to be much higher in number.

OPI 'We The Female' Nail Polish (get it here!)
My new favorite fall red. It's from the OPI Washington D.C. collection, and reminds me of a mix of Skyfall and A to Zurich, and I love it more than both of them.

Beyond Yoga High Waist Leggings (get them here!)
These. The holy grail of yoga leggings. I literally just want to spend the entire rest of my life in these leggings. They're so soft, so comfortable, and fit like a dream. They're a splurge, but they're totally worth it.

Zella 'New You' Headband (get it here!)
This is now my go-to headband for Flywheel. Nothing catches sweat and holds my hair back better during an intense spin class. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a great, thick, sweat-wicking headband.

Steve Madden 'Slithur' Sandal (get them here!)
Currently 15% off at Nordstrom, these are a slightly different take on the standard cage heel, because they don't actually look like a cage heel from the front, only the side. They come in a bunch of different colors, but shocking no one, I got black. Considering the height and sturdiness of the heel (which is not very), they're pretty comfortable. I was able to wear them during a rehearsal dinner (approximately 5 hours) with no real problem.