Monday, September 19, 2016

College Football Week 3: Upset City


It would have been tough for this weekend to have been more full of football. The weekend started out with (15) Tennessee keeping it close with Ohio the entire game before finally pulling away to a 28-19 win. The main game was (10) Louisville absolutely dominating (2) Florida State 63-20, proving that Louisville belongs in the playoff ring. (13) Iowa fell to 1-AA champions North Dakota State 23-21 in a last-minute field goal, & (9) Wisconsin held off Georgia State (but barely) 23-18.

Not that (4) Michigan has a lot of room to talk, as they allowed 28 points againt Colorado (but had the final score 45-28). And (1) Alabama kept all of their fans on the edge of their seat until the clock hit :00, as the final score of their game against (19) Ole Miss was 48-43, thanks to an onside kick and score by Ole Miss late in the 4th quarter.

Nebraska took down (22) Oregon 35-32, (20) LSU squeaked by Mississippi State 23-20, and (16) Georgia really squeaked by Missouri 28-27. Later in the night, Cal upset (11) Texas 50-43, and took the wind out of their comeback sails. (12) Michigan State defeated (18) Notre Dame 36-28, and (3) Ohio State dominated (14) Oklahoma 45-24, earning their spot in the top 2 behind Alabama.

FIRE: Kirby Smart
You're not off to a good start, buddy. I get that you're still undefeated, but barely. Against Nicholls and Missouri, nonetheless.

MARRY: North Dakota State
Not that I'm rooting for the Big Ten to look bad, but NDSU is the best 1-AA team by far.

KILL: Florida State
Their game against Louisville shows that they might never have deserved their top-5 pre-season ranking.

(1) Alabama vs Ken State, 12pm SECN
(12) Georgia
@ (23) Ole Miss, 12pm ESPN
 (8) Michigan State vs (11) Wisconsin, 12pm BTN
(14) Tennessee vs (19) Florida, 3:30pm CBS
(4) Michgian vs Penn State, 3:30pm ABC
(10) Texas A&M vs (17) Arkansas, 9pm ESPN

Neither are particularly big games for my teams, but both are must-wins regardless in order to keep playoff hopes alive.
Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

College Football Week 2: The Battle at Bristol

Week 2 was not nearly as exciting as week 1, but we did have the Battle at Bristol, which boasted the largest college football audience ever at 156,990 (let's be clear though, Michigan is still the highest for an actual football stadium). While the venue was cool, the game wasn't that exciting and Tennessee whomped Virginia Tech 45-25.


In other not-exciting week 2 news, (2) Clemson almost lost to Troy, but came back and won 30-24. That dropped them 3 spots in the ranking this week to No. 5. (9) Georgia really almost lost to 1-AA school Nicholls, 26-24. Arkansas blocked (15) TCU's game-winning field goal to send the game into overtime, which Arkansas won 41-38. And Central Michigan beat (22) Oklahoma State 30-27 on an untimed down to win the game (which a MAC ref said was not allowed).


FIRE: The Refs in the CMU vs. OSU game
While it was a great win for Central, the rules state that they should not have had an untimed down at the end of the game (which is how they beat OSU). Can't make that mistake guys, you just can't.

MARRY: Arkansas in OT
Because the win over ranked TCU was a big win for that program and for Bret Bielema.

KILL: Georgia Football
They almost lost to Nicholls. Enough said.


(2) Florida State @ (10) Louisville 12pm ABC
(1) Alabama @ (19) Ole Miss 3:30pm CBS
(4) Michigan vs. Colorado 3:30pm, BTN
(12) Michigan State @ (18) Notre Dame 7:30pm NBC
(3) Ohio State @ (14) Oklahoma 7:30pm FOX
(7) Stanford vs. USC 8pm ABC

Next week is a big weekend in college football. While Michigan isn't playing anyone important (but knock on wood because, you know, App State), Alabama has another test this weekend against Ole Miss. Roll Tide & GO BLUE.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

August 2016 Lifestyle Favorites

Movie: Finding Dory
Obviously. Baby Dory is the greatest.

TV Show: The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics
I get that this is cheating, but it's all I've been watching now that I'm totally caught up on Suits (and because duh, it's the Olympics). This includes an entire DVR's worth of swimming prelims. #USA.

Sweet Food: Nature Valley Almond Butter Biscuits
My new breakfast bar addiction. They're so good & they're actually good for you.

Savory Food: Truffle Pipcorn
This stuff is incredible. I found it by accident at Whole Foods, because obviously. I did a little research and found out this was a Shark Tank venture! It's so delicious - and the reason it's called Pipcorn? It's mini-popcorn!

Starbucks Drink: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew
Holy heaven. This drink is incredible, especially if you like the original cold brew.

Restaurant: Shaw's Crab House (Chicago, Illinois)
Ben, Nick, Sarah, and I went here last month when we were in Chicago and it was amazing. Some of the best seafood we've had. It's a splurge, but totally worth it if you're looking for a special night!

Book: Harry Potter & The Cursed Child
I mean, obviously. I liked it, didn't love it, but I do think it would be much, much better as a play than as a book (which makes sense, since it is a play). I really want to make a trip to London to go see it!

Song: The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey - "Closer"
Because everyone has a person that this song reminds them of immediately.

iPhone/iPad app: Amazon Video
This is how I've been watching Suits and Modern Family on repeat for the last few months, both on Ben's iPad & on my phone. Works great both ways (and you can download the episodes right in the app!).

Person: Trey Faile
My #flyfamforlife. Love this guy more than words.