Monday, May 1, 2017

March 2017 Beauty & Fashion Favorites

MOROCCANOIL Clarifying Shampoo (get it here!)
So when I realized my Bumble and Bumble Sunday Clarifying shampoo was actually not at all color safe and was stripping my hair every time I used it, I went into a full-blown panic (and minor depression because that stuff is actually incredible). I had to find a clarifying shampoo that worked as well but wouldn't strip my hair of my very expensive dye job. Enter: Moroccanoil. Is this as clarifying as Sunday? No, I don't think it could be without stripping my hair. But it does a hell of a job, and it smells amazing. So if you need a color safe one, this is a great product.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment (get it here!)
If you're a mask person and this isn't in your collection yet, you're really missing out. This is my personal GLAMGLOW favorite, mainly because you can see the mask suck the gunk out of your pores. If you're a mask fiend, you know how satisfying this is.

Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylos in 'Icon'' and 'Liberator' (get it here!)
These are my new favorite lip products! For some reason, the regular Icon lipstick has started to feather on me, so these are the perfect replacement! Same great color, much better formula (and way cuter packaging!)

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll Mascara (get it here!)
I had been dying to try this mascara for maybe years and just never got around to it. It is everything I hoped for and more and is now heavily into my mascara rotation. If you like wet mascaras and synthetic brushes (the plastic-y bristles like Benefit's They're Real), this is a perfect mascara for you!

GLAMGLOW Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer (get it here!)
On the GLAMGLDW trend, I got a deluxe mini of this moisturizer and have been loving the texture (and scent!) it has been giving to my skin. It's definitely meant for oily skin, but if you have oily skin, it really gives you a matte surface to apply your makeup. I really enjoyed it and might be purchasing a full size when I need more daily moisturizer. 

Becca Prairie Rose Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit (get it here!)
So I haven't actually worn it yet, but I bought this for a conference our firm is going to in Hilton Head in June... it's the first non-Speedo one-piece I've ever owned (I think?) and it's mainly because I'm super uncomfortable about the idea of being around my bosses and my mostly-male firm in a bikini. This was a great alternative without making me feel like I was 45 years old. 

Beyond Yoga X Big Thing High Waist Leggings (get them here!)
Because I have an addiction to Beyond Yoga and clearly didn't have enough pairs... these were slightly different enough to justify.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

March 2017 Lifestyle Favorites

Movie: Moana
Not only was this movie another Disney hit, I am constantly belting out (or attempting to belt out) the soundtrack to this in my car. SO GOOD!

TV Show: The Good Wife
Ben's and my new Netflix (Hulu) show after we finished Parks and Rec. We're only a few episodes in and after Ben agreed to it, he asked "oh, this is a lawyer show?". Obviously, what else would I choose? (The other choice I debated was Prison Break). 

Savory Food: Does Beer Count?
I'm counting it. I went to some amazing breweries in Asheville (Wicked Weed, Green Man, & Catawba, to name a few), & fell in love with some incredible IPAs. Also, I drink IPAs now. I don't know when that happened, but I definitely prefer hoppy beers more than I realized.

Sweet Food: Vortex Donuts
Because obviously. Another Asheville staple - highly recommend the Mini Apple Fritters.

Restaurant: Curate (Asheville, NC)
This could be rivaling as my favorite North Carolina restaurant. It is so good that I will now eat there every time I go to Asheville, even though there are so many good places to eat there. I've now eaten there twice, one for lunch and one for brunch, and I cannot say enough good things. It's a Spanish tapas restaurant, and you can sort of eat your way through the menu, guided by your waiter. Squid ink pasta and the honey eggplant are a must.

Starbucks Drink: Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato
Starbucks' newest macchiato. They always suck me in.

BookThe Girl Before by JP Delaney
A super interesting twist on the psychological thriller novel. It was captivating & I couldn't put it down.

Song: Hamilton Original Soundtrack
Ben and I listened to this all the way to and from Asheville, and I'm addicted. I cannot wait until it comes to Charlotte!

Podcast: Pod Save America
OMG A NEW TOPIC. I've been really really into podcasts since the election (shocking). This has been my long-standing favorite. If you're looking for a very informative, unscripted podcast about politics to stay in touch with what's going on in hte world right now, this is definitely the one to check out.

iPhone/iPad app: Spire
For Valentine's Day, Ben got me a stress tracker (because I'm me). It's this little rock-looking thing you either clip to your waistband or the center of your bra (I do that & always forget it's there), & it tracks your breathing throughout the day. It learns your breathing patterns, & when you are breathing heavier than normal, or you "haven't taken a deep breath in a while" (that happens to me more often than it should, apparently I hold my breath when I'm stressed out?), it notifies you & reminds you to take a deep breath (or just exhale). I learned really quickly that I'm a walking ball of stress, & that also driving stresses me out a lot more than I realized. In any event, this is a sweet app & an awesome product for the stressed-out significant other in your life!

Person: Molly
I met Molly my freshman year in college at Michigan and while we were never super close, we always had a connection and stayed in touch throughout our four years at school. Fast forward through law school and a few years after, and Molly had completely changed the direction of her life, ignored everyone's expectations of her, and began doing the most inspiring things.  Every time I read her posts or watch one of her videos, I'm so inspired by her bravery to be vulnerable, break the mold, and only take with her what is bringing positive change into her life. For those of you interested in Molly's content (or in working with her!), her website can be found here. I love you Moll, and I'm so proud of you!

Monday, March 6, 2017

February 2017 Lifestyle Favorites

TV Show: CNN's 'The Sixties'
A docu-series that was recommended for me on Netflix that I cannot get enough of. If you didn't know this about me, I'm obsessed with the sixties as a decade, specifically Woodstock. If the sixties aren't your thing, the seventies & eighties are on there too!

Sweet Food: HealthWarrior Chia Bars
Found these at Target and they are my new favorite go-to 100 calorie bars. I've really been loving the Banana Nut and Apple Cinnamon flavors. 

Restaurant: Fujo Bistro (Charlotte, NC)
I know, another sushi place. But it's so good & on Postmates / Door Dash! Highly recommend the Tuna Royale roll.

Candle: Bergamont Waters by B&B Works
Half the reason I love this candle is because mine came in a beautiful white marble container that I will definitely be saving, but it also smells amazing. It carries notes of blue bergamont waters, creamy sandalwood and a hint of sugared citrus.

Book: 'How To Murder Your Life' by Cat Marnell
This. Book. Was. So. Good. It's so rare that addiction of any kind is talked about so openly without stigma, and I really loved Cat's perspective on her own addiction in this tell-all memoir. She's hilarious, insightful, and you'll find that you won't be able to put this book down.

Song: 'Mercy (Loote Remix)' by Shawn Mendes
Because what is better than Shawn Mendes than a Shawn Mendes remix? Ben may break up with me when he reads this.

iPhone/iPad app: The New Yorker
Post-election, I subscribed to The New Yorker digitally, and I've been reading it on my iPad. I've really been liking it, and it also gives you full access to all of The New Yorker's online digital content aside from their weekly prints.

Person: Hannah Hustad
One of my favorite Charlotte Flybarre Instructors has made the move to the Big Apple & I couldn't be more excited for her, but am so sad to have her leaving the Queen City. Best of luck in NYC, lady! Charlotte was so lucky to have you.