Thursday, June 17, 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is well underway, as today marks day seven of the tournament that comes once every four years (alternating every two years for men and women). The opening ceremonies commenced in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday, June 10th. Shakira, John Legend, The Black Eyed Peas, and Alicia Keys all performed. Shakira even has a world cup song titled "Waka Waka".

As far as I'm concerned, soccer is one of the slower games to watch on TV, and I'm sure most would agree. In games that sometimes end with 0-0 ties, it can get a little tedious, and dare I say boring to watch. These are the results of the games that have been played since Friday June 11th through today:

Group A: 
  South Africa vs Mexico: 1-1
  Uruguay vs France: 0-0
South Africa vs Uruguay: 0-3
Total Points: Uruguay: 4, South Africa, France, & Mexico: 1

Group B: 
  South Korea vs Greece: 2-0
  Argentina vs Nigeria: 1-0
Argentina vs South Korea: 4-1
Total Points: Argentina: 6, South Korea: 3, Greece & Nigeria: 0

Group C:
  England vs United States: 1-1
  Algeria vs Slovenia: 0-1
Total Points: Slovenia: 3, England & United States: 1, Algeria: 0

Group D:
  Germany vs Australia: 4-0
  Serbia vs Ghana: 0-1
Total Points: Germany & Ghana: 3, Australia & Serbia: 0

Group E:
  Netherlands vs Denmark: 2-0
  Japan vs. Cameroon: 1-0
Total Points: Netherlands & Japan: 3, Denmark & Cameroon: 0
Group F: 
  Italy vs Paraguay: 1-1
  New Zealand vs Slovakia: 1-1
Total Points: Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, & Slovakia: 1

Group G: 
  Ivory Coast vs Portugal: 0-0
  Brazil vs North Korea: 2-1
Total Points: Brazil: 3, Ivory Coast & Portugal: 1, North Korea: 0

Group H:
  Honduras vs Chile: 0-1
  Spain vs Switzerland: 0-1
Total Points: Chile & Switzerland: 3, Honduras & Spain: 0

For those of you who are not familiar with the World Cup style of play, every lettered group has four teams in it and every team in each group plays every other team in their respective groups (so round one has 3 games for every team). A team that wins gets 3 points, a team that loses gets 0 points, and in the event of a tie, both teams get 1 point. Only the top two teams from each letter group move onto the second round. Round 2 consists of one game for every team. Each of the No. 1 seeds in every group plays a No. 2 seed from a different group (1A will play 2B, 1B will play 2A, and so on). There are then quarterfinal, semifinal, and final games.

The biggest upset so far in the tournament has without question been the Switzerland 1-0 win over Spain, the supposed World Cup favorites. Gelson Fernandes was the lone goal scorer in the game, and said the win against Spain was very surreal. Switzerland takes on Chile on Monday, June 21st.

Below is a schedule for the rest of the week's games according to date and group (and I believe that a week starts on Monday like the French, so you'll get the game schedule through Sunday):

Thursday, June 17th:
Group B:
10:00am - Greece vs Nigeria  
Group A:
2:30pm - France vs Mexico
Friday, June 18th:
Group D:
7:30am - Germany vs Serbia
Group C:
10:00am - Slovenia vs United States
2:30pm - England vs Algeria

Saturday, June 19th:
Group E:
7:30am - Netherlands vs Japan
2:30pm - Cameroon vs Denmark
Group D:
10:00am - Ghana vs Australia

Sunday, June 20th:
Group F: 
7:30am- Slovakia vs Paraguay
10:00am- Italy vs New Zealand
Group G:
2:30pm- Brazil vs Ivory Coast


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