Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Athletics and Style Collide at the Veuve Classic Polo Match

This past weekend, Prince Harry was in the States on Governors Island for the Veuve Classic Polo Match that he apparently has played in for the last three years. His opponent? The hottest athlete to ever hit the sport of polo: Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras of the Black Watch Polo team (pictured right). Harry did his fair share of working the crowds, but didn't do as great of a job on the field. Not only did his team lose in the end, but at one point during the game, he was thrown from his horse. But like a prince, he took the fall with stride and didn't seem to be injured. All in the name of charity, right?

Much more important than the match being played was the amount of people-watching, fashion-scoping, and champagne-pouring that went on during the event. Polo matches are a scene, and are just as much, if not more about fashion than they are the actual match. So I've taken it upon myself to put together a collection of photos from the afternoon to put the best fashion (and hottest people) on display. Enjoy!

Prince Harry, still on his horse at this point in the match.

Greeting the public.

Like the Kentucky Derby, but more expensive.

Sleeveless blouses & dresses with short-brimmed hats
were all the rage for women

and the men donned pinstripe suits.

Couples came dressed in couture together

while others rocked their high-fashion looks solo.

All in all, it was a family affair (minus the 5,000 bottles of champagne consumed) and a good time to be had by all on Governors Island.


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