Thursday, June 17, 2010

Designer of the Week: Michael Kors

Following suit after Tuesday's Product of the Week, I intend on having a Designer of the Week every Thursday. I thought it fitting to start the series off with one of my favorite designers, Michael Kors.

For those not necessarily in the fashion know, Michael Kors (pictured at right) is an American designer famous for his classic-chic lines; his clothes seem to almost never go out of style. For any reality TV junkies out there, he is also a judge on the Emmy-nominated TV show Project Runway.

Michael Kors' lines include:
  • Michael Kors Runway: his couture runway season line
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors: handbags, shoes,  and ready-to-wear apparel for women
  • KORS Michael Kors: the in-between line for Michael Kors' Runway and MICHAEL Michael Kors. It carries shoes and denim apparel
His boutiques are all over the country in locations like New York, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, South Coast Plaza, and even in our very own Somerset Collection in Troy, MI. Michael Kors has won several awards, including two CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Awards for men's and women's apparel.

As a top designer, his clothes are fairly expensive. Luckily for any Michael Kors addicts like myself, he regularly particpates in the sample sale sites that I wrote about. On Tuesday, I bought almost $400 of Michael Kors apparel on HauteLook for just under $100 (which included a little black dress and two very chic tops).

Below are samples from Michael Kors Runway & MICHAEL Michael Kors:

Be sure to watch for the Michael Kors' Fall 2010 Collection coming soon!

"The most exciting thing to say now is, 'Oh, she really looks pretty'... That's not such a dirty word anymore." -Michael Kors

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