Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LA shows Boston it's not over; onto Game 7

Now that was a Lakeshow.

It was a blowout for Game 6 in LA. Kobe Bryant showed up yet again, scoring 26 points and getting 11 rebounds for the Lakers. But this time, so did the rest of his apparently rested and revitalized team. Ron Artest scored 15 points, and Pau Gasol had 17 points as well as 13 rebounds.

Even though the Celtics left their A-games back in Boston, the Game 7 stats are in their favor. The two teams have met in a Game 7 four times, and the Celtics have won them all. But the last time this happened was in 1984, and Kobe wasn't on that losing LA team. With his recent performances, I have no doubt that Kobe will carry his team to a victory on Thursday in Game 7 and to an NBA Championship.

Final Score:
LA Lakers: 89
Boston Celtics: 67
Next Game: Game 7, Thursday 9pm EST on ABC (at LA)

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