Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Head Coaches for Penn State and Cornell Men's Lacrosse Teams

It's been a big couple of days in the NCAA lacrosse world. On Thursday, Penn State named Jeff Tambroni as their new head coach for the men's lacrosse team as a replacement for their recently retired coach, Glenn Thiel. Yes, the very same Jeff Tambroni that has been the head men's lacrosse coach at Cornell for the last 10 years, led the Big Red to 3 national semifinal appearances in the last four years, and a title game last year. Even though they lost a painfully close game to Syracuse in overtime for the championship, Tambroni's presence at Cornell allowed for them to re-emerge as a major lacrosse superpower.

So with Cornell out of a head coach, Cornell's Athletic Director announced on Friday that current assistant coach Ben DeLuca would be promoted to the head coach position. DeLuca has spent a total of sixteen years with the Cornell Lacrosse program, including the four years he played for the Big Red in college. He became the assistant coach upon graduation for two years, and then took a two year break to explore the business world. But he's been back since 2002 and has been the top assistant coach since 2003. I have no doubts that DeLuca will really put his heart into this team having played for Cornell himself, and the players won't need to worry about trusting or adjusting to a new coach. I have high expectations for Cornell next season in this new direction.

In all honesty, I can't figure out why Tambroni decided to leave Ivy-league Cornell for... not Ivy-league Penn State. Maybe he was depressed about his lack of championships (although with his impressive coaching record, I don't see how that's possible). Maybe Penn State doubled his salary. Or maybe he really just hated Ithaca; I hear most people do. But whatever the reason, Penn State Lacrosse is extremely lucky to have Tambroni in their corner. I see an up-and-coming top-10 team on the rise. Keep your eyes out for the Nittany Lions in the 2011 season, and I predict most definitely the post-season as well.

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