Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Product of the Week: TanTowel

Even though Summer 2010 is in full force, but that doesn't always mean laying poolside, drink in hand for everyone. While I'm lucky enough to have a babysitting job that allows me to tan at the pool almost every day, a lot of my friends are working full-time 40+ hour/week jobs in a cold, harsh office with little sunlight. Bummer.

So in honor of them, this week I have decided to promote my favorite self-tanning product on the market as the product of the week. Now, I  consider myself a great connoisseur of anything tanning-related. I was admittedly a tanning bed addict until all of the reports came out and my father threatened my life if I ever stepped foot inside a tanning bed again. After that, I got into Mystic Spray Tans. They're more expensive than a regular bed (averaging $25 a session), but you only need to go once a week so it ended up evening out for me. I only recommend the machines with MagneTan Technology, not the manual tanning spray applied by a person.

But I know not everyone has the time to get to a salon or really wants to spend that kind of money just to have some color. So if you don't have time to lay out this summer or want to even out your tan lines from the pool, this is what you need to pick up:
The TanTowel

Considering my addiction to being tan, I have tried pretty much every self-tanning product on the market and I can't say I've found a single one that even compares. I got this as a gift from a friend for my birthday a few years ago and have never looked at another self-tanning product again. TanTowel (whose slogan is "Look Good Naked") is a tanning cloth that has the formula right in the disposable towelette. TanTowel boasts their simple to apply, odorless, streak-free tanning product is second to none. Just rub the towelette anywhere on your body (including your face) that you would like to have color, wash the palms of your hands when you're done applying, and voila! It's that easy, literally. There's no need to wait for it to dry as it almost dries on contact, and you don't have to worry about your clothes (or your skin for that matter) turning a gross, orange color. They're also perfect for traveling, as each towelette comes in an individually wrapped package.

The TanTowel comes in several varieties of sizes and shades. The Classic Formula is for fair to medium skin tones, while the PLUS formula (the one I use) is for medium to dark skin tones. The towelettes themselves either come in 5packs of full body towels or 10packs of half body towels (both are $21 for the Classic Formula and $25.25 for the PLUS formula at tantowel.com). Personally, I buy the 10packs of half body towels and it has always been enough to use on my entire body (and I'm 5'5). TanTowel also sells other products on their website like tanning mists, body glows, tinted moisturizer and exfoliating towels.

TanTowel used to be only sold online at the TanTowel website, but has since expanded to be carried in stores around the country. Check here to see where TanTowels are sold near you.

My recommendation is this: find a store that sells them and buy them. Test them out, see if you like them. If you don't (which I can't imagine will be the case), most stores will let you return them after one or two uses. If you do, finish out the pack and buy your next pack online at tantowel.com. While the 10 packs are normally only a few dollars more in the store, you can buy packs of 50 online that will save you money in the long run if you intend to keep purchasing them. Buying even the 10 pack online has its advantages too, as you will get discount emails from TanTowel every month towards your next purchase.

Sephora.com and Sephora in stores both carry TanTowel for the same price as the TanTowel website, so I recommend looking there first. Sephora.com raters gave TanTowel 4.1 out of 5 stars, and I personally give it 5 out of 5 stars. I promise you will adore this product, so hit the websites!

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