Friday, June 11, 2010

Sex and Fashion in the City (or the Desert?)

Sex and the City 2 opened in theaters a couple of weeks ago. Being an avid follower of the show (it is one of three shows that I own the entire series of), I loved seeing the characters again, but as my sister Jodie said, not much went on. I mean yes, they went to Abu Dhabi, and yes, Samantha had a lot of sex per usual, but there wasn't much advancement in their lives. However, I realized that didn't matter to me and I loved the movie anyway because watching it was like catching up with old girlfriends. After watching the series for so long, all you really need is a taste of what's going on in their lives to feel like you're caught up on everything.

Aside from watching the girls gossip about their lives that we've come to know like our own, Sex and the City 2 boasted some of the greatest fashion I've seen in a while.

In this photo alone, the girls are dripped in over $200,000 worth of designer clothing and accessories. Samantha is carrying a VBH Palm clutch with and sporting black Ray Bans, Miranda is wearing an $800 pair of Yves Saint Laurent platform heels, and Charlotte is donned head-to-toe in Lady Lizard Pink Christian Dior. Carrie's amazing vintage Halston Heritage dress and gold Christian Louboutin heels pale in comparison to the $198,000 Solange Azagury-Patridge jeweled necklace she has around her neck.

Word on the street is that Sarah Jessica Parker had over 25 wardrobe and accessory changes throughout the film, and if that's true I am definitely a jealous girl. My favorite outfits, however, were the ones that the girls wore on their extravagant vacation. Dior makes clothes for overseas as well...

All of these outfits suit the ladies and their personalities perfectly. Charlotte's is elegant and tasteful, Samantha's is wild and eccentric, Miranda's covers a lot of her body, and Carrie's is just classic Carrie, and is probably something I would wear too. All in all, my review of the movie was that it kept me entertained, but probably not for the reasons that the directors intended (but I will obviously still see Sex and the City 3).

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