Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spice up your Summer Makeup

Everything changes with the seasons: the weather, the colors, the fashion, the fragrances, and especially the makeup. I have enough makeup in my room to equip myself as if there were 12 seasons a year, but I am also the exception, not the rule.  

InStyle magazine has recommended 6 tips to enhance your summer makeup look, and as a self-proclaimed makeup maven, I am going to have to respectfully disagree with most of them. I've listed the tips below and added my own thoughts and commentary to each.

1. Try True Peach Blush
"I'm obsessed with a true peach cheek and disappointed when I buy blushes that turn pinkish when I apply them. The only way I've found to achieve a real peach on my clients is to use a formula that looks orange in its packaging. I promise it will become peach when layered on your skin!" —Makeup artist Amy Nadine

Especially for summer, I disagree with this entirely. Most people have color in the summer, and the general trend with tan is that it is some shade of dark orange/brown on most people's skin. I think that adding a peach hue as a blush would only blend in with the skin or give your face an unwanted lighter orange hue. My recommendation? A very light pink shimmer luminizer, like Prism by Smashbox ($28). I use this as my blush for spring and summer and have always been happy with how it blends with my darker summer skin.

(Top: Smashbox Luminizer compact; Bottom: Prism shade)

2. Add Light Brown False Lashes
"Full lashes—and less mascara—are great for summer. I like using individual versions in soft brown, which gives the eye a flirty feel without looking heavy. Hayden Panettiere loves them. I'll add a few to the ends of her lashline to elongate their almond shape. And because the lashes are brown, a splash of mascara makes it impossible to tell the difference between real and false ones. It's so sexy." —Makeup artist Amy Oresma

Personally, I think false lashes are much more trouble than they're worth. I've never found a great way to get them on and stay on without professional help, and they've always felt heavy on my eyes. Instead of using false lashes, you can use two different types of mascara on your eyes. If I'm going for a bold, dramatic look, I use the new LashBlastFusion Mascara by Covergirl ($8) in black as my base. It separates my lashes well and gives them great length and volume. Then to thicken them and really make them stand out, I use DiorShow Iconic Mascara by Dior ($27) as a second coat. It goes on thick and gives your lashes the perfect stand-out shade. To make it easier to apply mascara, I also recommend curling your lashes with a lash curler beforehand.
3. Switch to Coral Lip Stain
"I've been obsessed with corals this season, but not your grandmother's old-fashioned version. New sheer coral stains are light and whisper soft, like you've just had a popsicle. I recently used Mac Lusterglass in Love Nectar at a shoot with AnnaLynne McCord and she loved it so much, she wore it out that night." —Makeup artist Gregory Arlt

This happens to be the only one out of the six tips that I agree with. I like both things that this tip suggests: switching to coral and switching to a lip stain. I think coral is the perfect summer lip hue: light, fun, and matches most outfits. I also love the idea of lip stains. While glosses are great, lip stains are perfect for the on-the-go girl because they actually stay on all day. They are literally a stain: it's like taking a marker and coloring your lips the perfect shade. Try Tarte Natural Lip Stain in Joy.
(Top: Tarte Lip Stain pen; Bottom: Joy shade)

4. Set Your Makeup With Mist
"In the summer, I love misting my clients' faces with Caudalie Beauty Elixer. It sets the makeup, freshens and tightens pores, plus it's incredibly cooling. I use this trick with Jessica Szhor on warm, L.A. nights" —Makeup artist Tina Turnbow

To me, this is essentially spending money to "cool your face", because if you're using a good primer like you should be, it will set your makeup and freshen/tighten your pores. You apply primer before you put on any kind of makeup to make sure your face has an even base for the makeup to start on. If you aren't already using one, Smashbox has an amazing line of six different primers to choose from depending on your skin type, and I use Photo Finish Light ($36).

5. Use Cream Blush Not Bronzer
"I like a product that can multitask, especially in the summer. Instead of drowning Ali Larter in liquid bronzer, which can either look too orangey or a little greasy, I used cream blush in a warm, nude shade. (My favorite is Lancome Color Design Blush in Model Mocha). It's equally flattering on eyes, cheeks, lips, and even as a highlighter on the shoulders, legs, or clavicles." —Makeup artist Fiona Stiles

Okay, my first problem with this is that I don't know if I've ever come across a single person who uses liquid bronzer. I would imagine it comes off heavy, streaky, and would be difficult to apply, so we can cross that issue right off the list. Second, the rationale behind using a cream blush is to "not drown someone in liquid makeup"? Seems pretty counter-intuitive. Why not just stick with a simple pressed powder bronzer? Most women are already wearing a liquid foundation, so why add something else like that to your beauty regimen? I highly recommend Soleil Tan de Chanel by Chanel in Terre Epice. It runs $50, but it lasts me literally an entire year, so it is well worth every penny.

6. Mix Foundation and Moisturizer
"There is nothing more important than fresh, healthy looking skin in the summer. For Anne Hathaway's look at the Met Gala, I mixed a dab of hydrating, nutrient rich cream like Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Moisture Binding Cream into her foundation. It's lighter and more natural looking than foundation alone, plus it works to give her a more radiant complexion in the future." —Makeup artist Gina Brooke

This is also counter-intuitive to me. I've had makeup artists try this on me before and it seems to make my pores look bigger and the foundation more painted-on than usual. The way my makeup looks most natural is to wash my face in the morning and apply my daily moisturizer afterward. Then I apply my primer and foundation separately. I do agree that moisturizer is extremely important but I think that mixing it with foundation tends to make the makeup go on thicker than most women would want. If you aren't already using a daily moisturizer, I recommend Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion.

So the lesson learned here today is don't always take everything you read in the fashion magazines at face value. And you don't have to take my word for it either, try them out for yourself and see!

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