Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The World Cup moves onto the Quarterfinals; USA & England Eliminated

Eight games were played in the last four days, and now only 8 teams remain in the World Cup as we move onto the quarterfinals this weekend. Sadly, the US didn't give us all something else to celebrate this Independence Day and lost to Ghana 2-1. England lost to Germany 4-1, with a disallowed England goal, and Mexico lost to Argentina 3-1. Both games sparked controversy about whether FIFA should consider instant-replay. In my personal opinion, there isn't a sport anymore that doesn't need it at some point (see: Armando Galarraga's would-be perfect baseball game). There is no reason not to have it, just in case.

The rest of the results of the second round are as follows:

Uruguay 2-1 North Korea
Netherlands 2-1 Slovakia
Brazil 3-0 Chile
Paraguay (5)0-0(3) Japan*
Spain 1-0 Portugal
*won in shootout

So that means the quarterfinal match-ups this weekend will look something like this:
Friday July 2
10AM: Netherlands vs Brazil
2:30PM: Uruguay vs Ghana

Saturday July 3
10AM: Argentina vs Germany
2:30PM: Paraguay vs Spain

Since the US, England and Portugal are all out, I will be cheering for Brazil (the only bandwagon team I have left) and Argentina after watching them defeat Mexico. 4 teams will move onto the semifinals on Tuesday and Wednesday July 6-7.

P.S. Can you believe we're already in July? Where has this summer gone?

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