Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cleats & Couture: The Newest Shop It To Me Trendsetter

As of Thursday, Cleats & Couture is one of Shop It To Me's newest trendsetters!

Shop It To Me picks their favorite fashion and style bloggers and asks to showcase them on a portion of their website they call "trendsetters". I'm currently featured in the "new trendsetter" section, and after a week or so I'll be permenantely moved to the "fashion & style" section of their site.

Be sure to check out me, as well as all of the newest trendsetters at Shop It To Me!

In other news, a reader just informed of a new website called that posts the sales on every sample sale site around (not just the four that I'm on), and even has invite links for each one. Because this seems to be much more accurate (as it's updated daily) and there are many more sites on here that I don't check, I'm going to pass this information along to you as opposed to writing up a list of sales every Sunday.

Happy Shopping!

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