Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crack Addict: The New Nail Polish Trend

Crack a nail? No problem.

This nail polish will revolutionize the way you think about a chipped manicure.

The BYS Cracked Nail Polish (currently only being sold in Australia), is actually made to crack upon applying and drying. It comes in 4 shades: purple, red, and black all with white cracks, as well as black with hot pink cracks.

I must say the one shade blown up in the picture is the most appealing, as the white cracks are very blatant and obvious. Even though it's hot pink, it seems to be much more understated and I would definitely be willing to try it out. Until the crack addict trend hits the USA, try the style I've been rocking lately:

 The OPI Matte Collection

6 of your favorite OPI colors (Russian Navy, Lincoln Park After Dark, You Don’t Know Jacques!, Alpine Snow, La Paz-Itively Hot and Gargantuan Green Grape) come in a matte finish. Don't use base coat or top coat; just apply two coats of whichever color you choose. I personally like Alpine Snow for summer and Lincoln Park After Dark for fall (the most classic OPI color ever, in my opinion). The matte finish is a great way to spice up your standard manicure.

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