Thursday, July 22, 2010

Designer of the Week: David Yurman

With clothing designers and shoe designers under our belt, this week's Designer of the Week is a jewelry designer, and one of the few household names in the jewelry business. That designer is none other than David Yurman.

David Yurman was born on Long Island and has been creating jewelry since the 1960s after he moved to Big Sur, California to start his career. It was actually his wife Sybil (who is a painter) that got him to mass produce his jewelry. He had never even considered it since his pieces were all so personal. But before he knew it, they were back in New York and they had sold some of his  to Henri Bendel, Neimen Marcus, and Saks.

In 1982, he introduced what would become his signature piece - the cable bracelet, which is a silver twisted helix design with gems closing on either end. The Cable Collection, as well as the Cable Buckle, Ice, and X collections are his most famous, but he has over thirty collections for sale on his website. In 2009, his son Evan collaborated with him to produce his newest collection, the Classic Collection.

Yurman's print ads are among my favorite that come out in magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. They are always black and white and boast supermodels like Kate Moss dripping in Yurman jewelry. I've actually collected his ads for quite a while and have a collage of them on a huge bulletin board in my room. The consistent theme gives the ads an awesome look when posted side by side in mass quantities. Below are a couple of examples of my favorite ads by him.

David Yurman is without question my favorite jewelry designer. (Sorry, Tiffany's, you're a close second.) You can see all of his collections and pieces here but I've posted a few examples below.

Cable Classic Collection

X Collection

and my personal favorite and two favorite pieces from it,
the Albion Collection

Along with Manolo's, these two pieces are my "I know I've made it" statements. That is, unless I get one of them for Christmas this year... My sister can attest to the fact that every Christmas when we visit Chicago, I drag her into the David Yurman store on Rush Street and make her watch me try on jewelry (namely that ring) while we drink champagne that men in tuxedos serve us at the door. I just can't get enough of that store. Until then, I suppose I'll live with the X Collection bracelet above on the left that I already own. But when you see me stomping around a big city in blue Manolo's and drenched in Yurman, you'll know why.

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