Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fall 2010 Ad Campaigns: Round 2

As the summer season is coming very quickly to a close, more and more designers are releasing sneak-peak previews of their Fall 2010 Ad Campaigns. I showed some of the best and some of the not so great last week, and here are the next batch of what you can expect to see in The September Issue of Vogue this fall.

1. Versace
Yes, yes, yes. In the newest batch of ad campaigns to be released, Versace has far surpassed my expectations and taken the cake. Models Iselin Steiro, Anna Selezneva, and Valerija Kelava are absolute knockouts in Versace Fall 2010 wear. Shot by photographer Mario Testino, the campaign has a hard and edgy feel while still portraying editorial.

2. Chanel
What's not to love? The city-inspired photo shoot directed by head designer Karl Lagerfeld is sure to be a hit. Models Abbey Lee Kershaw (pictured above) and Freja Beha Erichsen are two of Karl's favorites, and he has them running all over New York City being shot in Chanel couture. We can pretty much guarantee this shoot isn't about Chanel's usual glamour, and I for one am extremely excited to see the rest.

3. Armani
Simple, yet intracite. Classic, yet edgy. Armani released this preview photo of model Edita Vilkeviciute shot by Mert & Marcus (Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott) and I think it was a great choice. The red dress, bag, and lips all come together in a perfect collaboration of style. This campaign will definitely be one of the best featured in the fall.

4. Dior
Dior is fairly hit or miss with their ad campaigns, in my opinion. In this case, I feel like the campaign definitely has potential and that they most likely just chose to release the wrong preview shot. Karlie Kloss is a phenomenal model and I have a feeling that while this shot isn't particularity my favorite, I will most likely enjoy the majority of the seemingly runway-inspired campaign.

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs
In all honesty, as much as I adore and respect Marc Jacobs and his creative design, I have never been the world's biggest fan of his ads. Simple is good, but only to a point. Model Ruby Aldridge (yes, relation to Lily, they're sisters) poses in a very similar desert backdrop to last year's campaign. Both were shot by photographer Juergen Teller. I love you Marc, but this just isn't cutting it for me.

And here are some mostly great updates on the campaigns that we have already seen.

What did I tell you? Stick to your trench coats and your bags, Burberry and you have yourself a knockout campaign. It looks as if they used their trench coats as inspiration in their new ads for Burberry Beauty. This was also shot by the Versace shoot photographer Mario Testino, who seems to be on quite a phenomenal streak these days. Models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nina Porter, and Lily Donaldson knock this one out of the park in neutral tones.

Hello, gorgeous. I think (if it's even possible) that I like these shots better than I like the initial photographs released. I like the campaign in color infinitely times more and the shots of the shoes and handbags (especially the shoes) are absolutely stunning. Not much to say except bravo, Prada. (P.S. Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr is also featured in this campaign. That girl has got it made right now.)

Now, while I'll admit that these (mainly the second photo) are a step up from the preview release photo, that also isn't saying a whole lot. These photographs bore me to tears, and with the amount of amazing photography going on this fall, Valentino can't afford to be stiff and dull.

Photos are being released left and right as we inch closer to September, and the haute couture fashion shows have already started. In the middle of July, fall is in the air!

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