Friday, July 16, 2010

Madonna's Making Moves: Dolce & Gabbana sequel ads & Material Girl line

Madonna's name is always in the news for something; be it her iconic status, her tours, or her newest boyfriend or religion. But as of recent, she's been in the spotlight even more often than usual when she isn't performing.

This week, Dolce & Gabbana released sequels to their Spring/Summer Collection ads that Madonna posed in. Also photographed by Steven Klein, their Autumn/Winter 2010 ads will have the same theme of Italian housewife via the movie "Mamma Roma". The shots are back-to-basic, black and white photos, and by the looks of it, this woman cannot do wrong.

The first two are my favorite: her walking arm and arm with her "son", and her getting her skirt hemmed by the Italian grandma. Dolce & Gabbana's goal was to tell a story and show Madonna's domestic side in their campaign. I'd say there were extremely successful and I can't imagine the collaboration between the four of them will end with these ads.

Aside from rocking top-designer photo shoots, Madonna, with the help of her thirteen year-old daughter Lourdes, is starting a clothing line! Material Girls (what a perfect name) is a juniors line for Macy's that boasts skinny jeans, mini dresses, leather jackets, and accessories. Below are the initial sketches that were released for Material Girls.

The sketch on the left is my favorite, especially if the shoes end up coming with it. But not only do they have sketches already drawn up, Madonna and Lourdes have already chosen someone (that I'm sure you will all recognize) to be the new face of Material Girls.

Well hello, Taylor Momsen. While I actually don't particularly care for her, the Gossip Girl star seems like the perfect fit to market this line. Shes known for her hard rocker-chic style of dress and while most people don't think it's her best look, maybe Madonna's line will glam it up and help her to wear the look better. Be on the look out for the debut of Material Girls, exclusively at Macy's.

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