Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain defeats the Netherlands to win first-ever World Cup Title

Yesterday, two teams that have never won the World Cup in their country's history played each other in the hopes of making it their first.

90 minutes later, we were no closer than we were at the start of the game.

Spain and the Netherlands played an excruciating hour and a half long game with missed opportunities galore for both teams to reach the back of the net, leaving the score 0-0 at the end of regular time. With a record 14-yellow cards and the Dutch only finishing with 10 players, the game was painful and gut-wrenching to watch for fans on both sides.

Finally, in extra time and some 115 minutes after the start of the game, Spain's Andres Iniesta scored what would be the winning goal to clinch the title for his country. While everyone clad in red and yellow celebrated endlessly, you could see the looks of defeat on those wearing orange. This would be the third time the Netherlands was defeated in the World Cup final, and it was made even more upsetting this year as they hadn't lost a game since before qualifying for the World Cup, including in the entirety of the tournament.

As far as celebrity sitings, Nelson Mandela and Shakira were both present at the World Cup closing ceremonies. Shakira was donned head-to-toe in an extremely bright Roberto Cavalli outfit. Both her opening and closing ceremonies outfits were stunning, but I happen to like her second one better. Both are below, so you can decide for yourself.

I predicted this a 1-0 Spain win, but I can't feel all that great about it because Paul the Psychic Octopus also predicted a Spain victory. All in all, the World Cup made for a very interesting month in sports, but I'm definitely excited about being able to turn on ABC and not hearing a vuvuzela any time in the near future.

Congratulations, Spain on your 2010 World Cup Victory

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