Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 NCAA Football Predictions

In light of the predictions made by 12 prominent ESPN writers, columnists, and reporters, I decided to make some predictions of my own for the 2010 NCAA football season. Words can't explain how excited I am that we're out of the doldrums and drama that summer brought us in relation to the NCAA (cue sanctions, post-season bans, agent issues, and a significant amount of conference realignment) and that a real football weekend is finally upon us. Aside from the obvious season openers on my list (Michigan vs. UConn and (1) Alabama vs. San Jose State), (24) Oregon State vs. (6) TCU, (21) LSU vs. (18) North Carolina and (5) Boise State vs. (6) Virgina Tech are the games I can't wait to watch, especially the Boise / VTech game. I've got TCU, LSU, and Boise in those three games, and I am just praying to God that Michigan doesn't lose another game to an irrelevant team.

Alright, onto the predictions (that will undoubtedly get turned upside-down within two weeks of college football season, but here they are nonetheless).

BCS title game: Alabama over Oklahoma

ACC Atlantic: Florida State
ACC Coastal: Virginia Tech
ACC Champ: Florida State

Big East: Cincinnati

Big Ten: Ohio State
(don't judge, I don't think anyone else has a prayer except for potentially Iowa, and even with them I'm fairly skeptical)

Big 12 North: Nebraska
Big 12 South: Oklahoma
Big 12 champ: Oklahoma

C-USA East: Southern Miss
C-USA West: Houston
C-USA Champ: Houston

MAC East: Temple
MAC West: Central Michigan
MAC Champ: Central Michigan

Mountain West: TCU

Pac-10: Stanford

SEC East: Florida
SEC West: Alabama
SEC Champ: Alabama

Sun Belt: Troy

WAC: Boise State

With Mark Ingram already injured (but supposedly recovering), who knows how any of this will turn out, except for the fact that I'm sure it will be a way no one expected or predicted, as always.

If you can't wait until Thursday for the official start of the season for your college football fix, Pat Forde's first Forde Yard Dash of the season is out and is absolutely hysterical. 

P.S. I'm cheering for Western Michigan in the WMU vs. Michigan State game this weekend as well. Go Broncos!

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