Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best & Worst Dressed of the 2010 Emmys

The Emmys are not an award show that I particularly care about, mostly because the majority of the TV I watch is absolute garbage. However, the beauty and chaos of the red carpet fashion at the 2010 Emmy Awards cannot be overlooked. While there were a lot (and I mean a lot) of worst-dressed to choose from this year, I've selected my top five, along with my top five belles of the ball who rocked the show.

Top Five Best-Dressed

5. Kim Kardashian in a white Marchesa gown, looking like a goddess.

4. Glee's Lea Michele in chic ruffles by Oscar de la Renta (and seemingly the only attractive gown designed by him worn at the Emmys this year).

3. Julie Benz in a sleek Pamella Roland, proving that simplicity can really work wonders on a red carpet.

2. Clare Danes in a perfection-colored Armani Prive. Flawless.

And (in my opinion) the unquestionably best-dressed actress at the Emmys...

1. Sophia Vergara in a pale yellow Caroline Herrara. I think the dress style, design, and color all suit this beautiful actress in every way possible. Whoever her stylist is should get a massive bonus for all the amazing publicity she will undoubtedly get from this look.

Aaaaaand now for the worst. Be forewarned, it's ugly.

5. Kathy Griffen in Oscar de la Renta. I've never liked her, and now she's wearing a dress that looks like it has magnets sewn into it. Not doing much for my disdain for her support of Levi Johnston's fame-whore tendencies.

4. Tina Fey in Oscar de la Renta. These dresses make me very disappointed in Oscar, and it's clear that branching out is not Tina's thing. She should stick with the 50 classic black dresses she has in her closet.

3. Love Anna Paquin and usually love Alexander McQueen, but I clearly don't love it when the two of them decide to go into battle together and design suits of armor for a gladiator fight.

2. Christina Hendricks has obviously let Mad Men get to her head, because anyone who wears this long, faded, rag (that I was shocked to find out Zac Posen designed) with the intention of looking even semi-attractive is mad.

And the absolute worst-dressed actress at the Emmys this year:

1. Lauren Graham, what the HELL were you thinking? I literally don't even know where to start with this, especially because I absolutely adore her. This Yigal Azrouel is just all kinds of wrong, starting and ending with the giant white poof in the front. That can't be a good look for anyone.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have time to do a post similar to my one about the ESPYs for the VMAs coming up on September 12th. Time and scheduling permitting, that's my plan, so stay tuned for more award show fun!

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