Wednesday, September 15, 2010

College Football 2010: Week 2

"It's great - to be - a Michigan Wol-ver-ine."
"It's great - to be - from Al-a-bam-a"

Yes, they use that down here. Yes, ours sounds much better. But both ring true this week as both of my teams won their games, making me very pleased to write about the rest of the weekend.

Week 2 of college football 2010 marked my first SEC game day experience, as well as my first night game. (No, Michigan never had them. I know.) Even moreso than the average day in Tuscaloosa, crimson took over T-Town and literally overflowed the streets. RVs were on every single open piece of grass, staple southern foods were on every grill, and beer was in every solo cup for miles. Even though I've been living in the south for over a month now and I've admittedly been caught saying y'all, I'm no southern belle yet and still rocked a jersey to the game. You couldn't have paid me to wear some of the stilettos I saw some girls wear around campus all day. No lie, the girls looked great, but we were out from noon until the end of the game. 10 hours in 4 inch heels cannot be good for you. The dress + game day combo is something that I'll just have to get used to.

Bryant-Denny Stadium
My roommate & I at Alabama vs. Penn State

Bryant-Denny all lit up
My first night game, ROLL TIDE!
While nothing will ever compare to the Big House in my mind, Bryant-Denny was an awesome place to attend an SEC football game. Its new renovations allowed it to be louder and prouder than ever as the (1) Alabama Crimson Tide dominated the (18) Penn State Nittany Lions 24-3. In all honesty, I was actually surprised at how much of a game it wasn't, but it was still a great overall experience.

But before I made my way to the stadium, I made sure that the Michigan-Notre Dame game was on the TV at the tailgate, mainly because every single person there agreed that they would love to see Notre Dame lose and it was arguably the best game on television.

And WHAT A GAME it was; Denard Robinson could not make me more proud to be a Michigan Wolverine. However, I know everyone was singing the late Tate the Great's praises when he lead U of M to a 4-0 start last season, and look where he is now: 3rd string QB on the bench. I'm holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed, but there is no argument that Denard is well on his way down the Heisman path. I mean, how could he not be after saving the day by scoring a touchdown with :27 on the game clock and moving us into the AP poll at No. 20?

Hail to the Victors.

As for the rest of the country...

It was an interesting weekend with a few notable wins, some tough loses, and a lot of close calls. Aside from the Michigan and Alabama wins, (4) TCU destroyed Tennessee Tech 62-7. Until I met someone this weekend who graduated from Tennessee Tech, I didn't even know it was a school. But TCU is on a war path, and they're taking out anyone and everyone in their way. The game between (10) Oklahoma and (17) Florida State started off close and initially proved to be one of the bigger games being played, but FSU tanked and Oklahoma ran with it, outscoring them 47-17. Good job Sooners; this greatly improves your chances of my National Championship Game prediction. And in a less substantial but nonetheless impressive game, (25) Stanford held UCLA back from scoring while they ran 5 touchdowns throughout the game, leaving the final score 35-0.

Close calls were a dime a dozen this weekend, which after only the second week should really make things interesting for the rest of the season. (5) Texas and (8) Florida were both looking better than last weekend, but Florida was even still a little shaky until the 4th quarter. Texas won over Wyoming 34-7, while Florida beat South Florida 38-14 (after staying tied 7-7 through the 3rd quarter). (2) Ohio State was at one point losing to (12) Miami, but the Buckeyes came out on top in the end with a 36-24 final score. Miami always seems to choke at such crucial times; an OSU loss this early would have thrown the BCS into an uproar. (11) Wisconsin was never in any real danger of losing to San Jose State (who Alabama absolutely tore apart just a week ago), but the fact that the final score read 27-14 does not bode well for them at all. And in an actually not-so-surprising turn of events (to me, at least), (16) USC almost fell to UVA, but held on by a field goal, winning 17-14. USC is going down this season, it's just a matter of time.

The weekday games this week were also a little too close for comfort for two ranked teams. (21) Auburn almost lost to Mississippi State, but managed to hold them off in the final seconds of play, winning 17-14. But in an even more impressive (but should never have been necessary) comeback, (23) West Virginia defeated rival Marshall in overtime by a field goal. In the 4th quarter, WVU was down 21-6 when Marshall fumbled on the West Virginia 4 yard line, lost possession, and WVU ran it back 96 yards for a touchdown. And then they did it again, scoring a 2-point conversion to bring it into overtime. It was literally one of the most incredible comebacks I've ever seen. I don't even feel bad for Marshall because they allowed that to happen.

Two SEC teams went down this weekend as one went up. (22) Georgia played (24) South Carolina, losing 17-6 to the Gamecocks. It wasn't all that exciting of a game; once SC put up the points, they just did their best to run out the clock. However, this puts the SEC in an interesting position for the SEC East title. And in a much more shocking game, (15) Georgia Tech fell to Kansas 28-25. This didn't really mean much for me but a team dropping out of the rankings and allowing Michigan to move up another spot, but it was a big deal down here. My best guess is Kansas' new coach lit a fire under their ass after they lost to NORTH DAKOTA STATE (is that seriously a school?) last week and motivated them to play until they couldn't see straight. It also helped that Georgia Tech didn't seem to have their game faces on or really look ready to play at all.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that the biggest upset this weekend goes to (13) Virginia Tech's loss to James Madison. This game was absolutely all kinds of ugly, including the uniforms worn. But in all seriousness, the 21-16 final score in favor of James Madison not only screwed VTech's season up, but completely derailed the Pat Forde Boise State bus to the national championship. Suddenly, Boise's win doesn't look like anything if James Madison can do it, and that was supposed to be one of Boise's hardest games. The balance of VTech's season will probably determine whether or not Boise has a shot at the title, providing Boise remains undefeated.

Next week is (hopefully) boring for my teams: Alabama plays Duke in Durham and Michigan plays Massachusetts at home. Other games I'll be watching:

(6) Texas v. Texas Tech (amazing rival, cheering for Tech)
(9) Iowa v. (24) Arizona (should be a good game, Iowa wins)
Notre Dame v. Michigan State (rooting for ND solely to help Michigan)

While these are my games to watch, I can promise they wont be the only ones to talk about next week. Until then, Roll Tide, and as always, Go Blue.

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