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College Football 2010: Week 3

I thought that maybe with Bama's first away game being last weekend, I might have been a little more productive than the weekend before when I was tailgating all day on Saturday. However, it seemed to be quite the opposite. When I knew I was going to be on campus all day for Alabama vs. Penn State festivities, I planned ahead and got a lot of my reading done earlier than usual. However this past  weekend when I thought there was a chance I'd get some of my work done in-between watching games I cared about, I put it off and ended up spending 11 hours in front of a TV watching college football and doing basically nothing else. Definitely not a bad weekend, but a very unproductive one. I may (and I say may with a lot of caution) understand why one of my best guy friends down here finds the time to travel to all these SEC road games. He's required to budget his time if he wants to go and doesn't really have a choice. I, on the other hand, had all the time in the world so I decided not to budget any of my time. I may need to go back and revisit my stellar time-management skills from when I was in high school swim season.

Regardless of my lack of productivity, the football was great. Saturday ended with the top 5 making it very clear that they're the top 5 for a reason (see the scores below):

(1) Alabama: 62
Duke: 13

(2) Ohio State: 43
Ohio: 7

(3) Boise State: 51
Wyoming: 6

(4) TCU: 45
Baylor: 10

(5) Oregon: 69
Portland State: 0

I'll just point out a few fun facts about these games:
  • Alabama allowed the first touchdown to be scored on them this year during the Duke game. They still destroyed them, and I'm pretty sure I saw Hightower literally pick a Duke player up off the ground by his jersey after he had just flattened him.
  • In another beating of sorts, the Ohio mascot went after Brutus the Buckeye during the Ohio State game. Apparently, it had been his plan all along when he got the job to literally wrestle Brutus to the ground. He won that battle, but Ohio clearly still lost the war.
  • Oregon has scored 189 points in 180 minutes. For those of you who can't do the math, that's over a point a minute. I'm not so sure how much I stand by my initial statement at the beginning of the season claiming Stanford will the Pac-10.

As for the too-close-for-comfort games of the week...

(7) Oklahoma beat Air Force by a field goal, 27-24. Again, Oklahoma winning by the skin of their teeth isn't really giving me a whole lot of confidence behind my decision to pick them to play in the national championship. As boring as it seems right now, it could be an Alabama/OSU game, but I keep reminding myself that it's still early in the season and there is a lot of football left to be played.

(11) Wisconsin is ranked in the top half of the AP Top 25, but after their last 3 game performances, I'm not really sure why. They only held on against Arizona State because they blocked an extra point, because they actually played like garbage. If they continue to play like this, it is only going to be a matter of time before the rest of the country realizes they shouldn't be ranked as high as they are.

(20) Michigan (I love that we're ranked right now) held on against a high-powered Massachusetts offense and blew a pretty big lead, leaving the final score 42-37. Neither teams defense played at all, and this was Denard's worst game of the three he's started in this year, but it was still pretty impressive. Bowling Green is on Saturday, but the real test begins the week after when they actually start their Big Ten schedule. 

...and the massive upsets...

(9) Iowa losing to (24) Arizona, in what  initially started out as a slaughter and then became a comeback that came just a little too late. Kind of like in swimming when the amazing anchor of a relay team dives in to save the day but the other team is already a full pool length ahead. Iowa made mistake after mistake after mistake. The final score read 34-27, but the game was much uglier than that score leads on.

(23) Houston got absolutely annihilated by UCLA (who was 0-2 going into this game), which really surprised me until I found out that not only is their quarterback out for the season, but so is their back-up quarterback. I'd say Houston's season is pretty much over, seeing as how the score posted against UCLA was 31-13. I can't imagine their season is really going to go uphill from here. 

...and the huge overtime wins.

The College Gameday Game of the Week: (16) Auburn up against Clemson. Clemson led Auburn the majority of the game (much to everyone's surprise), but at the end of regulation, it was tied 24-24. Auburn kicked a field goal first and scored and Clemson kicked a field goal pretty much right after and scored as well. But when Clemson kicked it, their snapper was penalized for an illegal movement of the football, and it was brought back to replay the down. The second time, their kicker completely missed. It was a devastating loss to watch for Clemson and a really lucky win for Auburn. Really lucky. Their luck is going to run out somewhere, and it'd be awesome if it was in Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl.

Then there was the game that I had a really hard time choosing who to cheer for... Notre Dame at Michigan State. I never cheer for Notre Dame but I figured it would be in Michigan's best interest if they won, since we had just beaten them the week before. Regardless, the game was very back-and-forth and was all-around pretty exciting to watch once the second half got moving. When it went into overtime with a regulation score of 28-28,  Notre Dame was held to a field goal on their first drive. And on Michigan State's 4th down of their first drive, when it looked like they were about to kick one also, they faked the field goal from the 30 yard line and threw it for a touchdown, which was caught and ran in by Charlie Gantt. I had to watch the replay at least 3 times before I even understood what happened; it was absolutely incredible. Even though I wanted Notre Dame to win in that specific instance, State played their hearts out. And Charlie went to the all-boys high school next door to and associated with my all-girls high school, so I'm also probably a little biased. I was pretty proud to see his name in the Forde Yard Dash this week. 

Games to watch this weekend:

(1) Alabama vs. (10) Arkansas -- Alabama takes it, but clearly their hardest game yet as it's their first ranked game on the road, and the team is ranked in the top 10. I would venture to say that this game is going to be more difficult than the Florida game next weekend for Bama, especially if Florida continues to only play the second half of every game. [3:30pm/2:30 central on CBS]

(3) Boise State vs. (24) Oregon State -- Boise is playing a ranked team. It will serve Pat Forde's Boise Bus well for them to destroy Oregon State. Lovers and haters of the Broncos alike should be interested in the outcome of this game. My money is still on Boise. [8pm/7 central on ABC]

(12) South Carolina vs. (17) Auburn -- my guess is that this is where Auburn's luck runs out. One of these SEC teams is going to lose their undefeated status, and I don't think it's going to be the Gamecocks. Nonetheless, this is going to be an incredible game if both teams play like I think they're going to. [7:45pm/6:45 central on ESPN]

 (15) LSU vs. (22) West Virginia -- I may seem to just be picking all the higher ranked teams, but I promise it's not a cop-out. I think that the way WVU has been playing this season (ex. almost losing to Marshall) is indicative of the fact that they probably won't be able to run with LSU. But both teams go in undefeated, so like the SC/Auburn game, someone comes out with a taint to their perfect record this season. [9pm/8 central on ESPN2]

(16) Stanford vs. Notre Dame -- I want to say Stanford for many reasons. One being I picked them to win the Pac-10, another being that I absolutely can't stand Notre Dame, and a third being that Stanford has been playing really well. However, I think Notre Dame is going to be out for blood and that while Stanford probably comes out on top, it's going to be close. [3:30pm/2:30 central on ESPN]

Oh, incase anyone was wondering, the reason there are no Big Ten games on here is because they are all garbage games. Literally, can't even say one game is going to be interesting. Now that I've said that, Michigan better destroy Bowling Green.

Roll Tide & forever Go Blue.

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