Thursday, October 14, 2010

College Football 2010: Week 6

My 2 for 2 every weekend streak had to run out at some point, but I didn't think the entire world of college football as I knew it would come crashing down on me in one weekend. Lets just say I was extremely unpleasant to be around at about 5pm Saturday evening.

There is no way around it; (17) Michigan State outplayed (18) Michigan. Outplayed them to intercept 2 touchdown passes thrown by our golden boy in the endzone. Outplayed them to get a score of 34-17 up at the Big House. Outplayed them to knock them out of the rankings and potentially end up in the top 10 when the first set of BCS rankings are released. It makes me sick to my stomach, and 5 days later I'm still a little too bitter to discuss it.

And in the game everyone knew was going to be their on-the-road challenge of the season, (1) Alabama fell in a pretty large way to (19) South Carolina, with a final score of 35-21. T-town has been pretty quiet since that game; it was Greg McElroy's first loss as a starter since 8th grade. Dropping to No. 8 in the rankings, Alabama has a lot of catching up to do if they even want to think about remaining in the National Championship race. Bama and Michigan fans can agree on one thing this weekend: Ohio State has to lose to Wisconsin.

The rest of the top 5 remained intact as Boise State and TCU continue to put up ridiculous numbers. (4) Boise State defeated Toledo 57-14, and (5) TCU shut out Wyoming 45-0. (2) Ohio State and (3) Oregon both beat their respective opponents (Ohio State beat Indiana 38-10 and Oregon beat Washington State 43-23), but Boise's and TCU's numbers are keeping them at the top of the projected BCS standings.

Halfway heart attacks...

We're midway through the season and some teams are still giving their fans some serious heart attacks with the way that they're playing. (8) Auburn is starting to remind me a little of LSU, without the Mad Hatter complex. They held on for the third or fourth week in a row to their extremely lucky streak, as they kicked a game-winning field goal against Kentucky and defeated them 37-34. (11) Arkansas defeated Texas A&M with a game-ending interception in the end zone to prevent them from going into overtime, with a 24-17 final score. (16) Stanford held on against USC (thank GOD) with a game-winning field goal as well, and left the final score 37-35.

... and heart breaks.

Alabama wasn't the only ranked team to fall this weekend. (9) Arizona got taken down by Oregon State 29-27, and lost their undefeated status but remained in the rankings. And I clearly stand corrected when I called (23) Florida State out for being overrated: they destroyed (13) Miami 45-17 and completely proved me wrong. My apologies to FSU.

But the biggest heart break of them all came when the Mad Hatter himself, Les Miles, pulled the most ridiculous play seemingly out of thin air and defeated (14) Florida in the swamp with a game-winning first down and touchdown. There was no mismanaging of the clock, and I'm not really sure why Florida didn't see this coming as my friend called this play (or some version of a fake field goal) while sitting in my apartment watching TV. Nevertheless, the devil struck another deal with Les and (12) LSU, as he went on to win 33-29, leaving my roommate in as much disappointment as I was that night. If you haven't seen the end of the game, please watch it here. You'll be equally shocked and amazed. Les Miles is the craziest national championship coach in the history of college football.

Games to Watch this Weekend:

(1) Ohio State vs. (18) Wisconsin: The newly-crowned No. 1 Ohio State takes on Wisconsin in Madison this weekend. College GameDay is going to Madison, and I actually don't think it's going to be as close as everyone says. I hope it is, but I think Ohio State will win pretty big in Madison. Nevertheless, GO BADGERS. [7pm/6 central, ESPN]

(5) Nebraska vs. Texas: The "big rivalry game" that Nebraska has been dreaming about is here. With Texas going into the game 3-2, it doesn't look like it will be much of game. If Nebraska loses, their season will pretty much be turned upside down. My money is on Nebraska, but it won't be pretty. [3:30pm/2:30 central, ABC]

(7) Auburn vs. (12) Arkansas: Other than my game, this is the game I'm most excited to see. I predict that this is where Auburn falls, but I think it will be down to the wire, per Auburn's usual style this season.
[3:30pm/2:30 central, CBS]

(13) Michigan State vs. Illinois: Illinois just destroyed Penn State this weekend, so I think that they'll at least put up a good fight. I'd love to see State lose, but I'd rather see them than Ohio State win the Big Ten. It's a lovely catch-22. [12pm/11am central, BTN]

(15) Iowa vs. Michigan: This is the game Michigan needs to win in order to be back in the race. This would also be their 6th win, making them bowl eligible for the first time since Rich Rod started coaching in Ann Arbor. Michigan couldn't need this win more, but I'm not sure they're going to get it if Denard plays like he did last weekend. [3:30pm/2:30 central, ABC]

This weekend is homecoming weekend in Tuscaloosa, and two of my best friends (one from home and one from college) are coming in to spend the weekend with me in Alabama. Regardless of the outcomes of the games, it should be an amazing weekend. But as always...

Roll Tide & Go Blue.

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