Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jennifer, Emme, & Max Lopez do Gucci

I know I haven't done a fashion post since Paris Fashion Week ended (sorry, football takes precedence in the fall), but I haven't seen anything so striking to write about until recently. Last week, Gucci released their new ad campaign starring Jennifer Lopez and her two-year-old twins Emme & Max. They're the face of a new Gucci line and in return for their modeling, Gucci is making a donation to UNICEF as well as the Maribel Foundation (which was founded by Jennifer and her sister Lynda). And who else would be shooting this fabulous trio other than world-renown photographers Mert & Marcus (who have shot Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Gisele, and most recently Victoria Beckham for Armani).

I think the photos are absolutely beautiful; Mert and Marcus have yet to not impress me. Jennifer looks incredible and her two adorable twins made their debut into the fashion world in flawless form.


The new line featuring the Lopez's will be launched in Spring 2011.

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