Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paris Fashion Week 2010

With the amount of incredible designers in Paris Fashion Week, it's really easy to have high expectations for an amazing show. While I was highly disappointed with Givenchy, (who had, in my opinion a really bizarre and unflattering spring collection) and Chloé (who simply bored me to death), there is no argument that designers like Chanel, Dior, and Vuitton knocked it out of the park, per usual. My Best Collection vote goes to Christian Dior; I cannot get enough of their fun, vibrant dresses. Best Single Piece goes to none other than Chanel (the second image is my choice, although it was incredibly hard to choose between that and the third).

I'm not going to lie, Milan is still my favorite week, but Paris definitely didn't fail to bring great new looks for the upcoming spring season.

Paris Fashion Week 2010


Christian Dior


 Louis Vuitton

 Stella McCartney


 Vivienne Westwood

Yves Saint Laurent

 Zac Posen

LA Fashion Week is October 13-20, and a complete schedule can be found here. Seoul Fashion Week continues the schedule from October 22-28 and the full schedule for the Korean show can be found here (I won't be reporting on it either).

With Paris being the end of the major fashion weeks I'll be talking about, hopefully I get on track with being able to keep up with one fashion post a week to accompany my weekly college football post!

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