Tuesday, November 23, 2010

College Football 2010: Week 12

The 2010 College Football Season is down to the wire and teams are vying for spots in the big BCS bowls, which means teams that know they have it all on the line aren't allowing any upsets... for the most part.

Big Wins for Big Ranks

Thursday night, (11) Alabama took down Georgia State 63-11, (4) Boise State shut out Fresno State 51-0 (don't you think that's enough to jump TCU?), (6) Stanford dominated Cal 48-14, and unfortunately, (7) Wisconsin beat my boys in blue, Michigan, 48-28. All of these games should have really helped these teams. Really, it only seemed to help Stanford in the rankings.

Upsets I Would Have Liked to See

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that (5) LSU almost fell to Ole Miss, but somehow managed to comeback in the final seconds of the game and win 43-36. It seems as if literally nothing can stop the Mad Hatter. (9) Ohio State was down to (20) Iowa almost the entire game, but came back to win it by a field goal, 20-17. I guess I'm happy OSU won (???) because that certainly lowers Michigan State's chances of going to the Rose Bowl, but if we beat OSU next weekend, they do go. Meh. Speaking of, (12) Michigan State almost lost to Purdue, but somehow managed to come back in the fourth quarter and win 35-31. That was the disappointing one. And in double-overtime, (13) Arkansas defeated (21) Mississippi State 38-31. I think Arkansas losing would have just given Alabama a better chance of a better bowl if they somehow happen to lose to Auburn in the Iron Bowl this weekend...

Even though this weekend had the potential to really rock the boat in college football, only two teams managed to do any real damage.

(19) Texas A&M defeated (8) Nebraska in a major defensive struggle, with no touchdowns being scored during the entire game. The final score was 9-6, leaving Nebraska at a loss, and leaving Carl Pelini enraged enough to swat a camera out of a credentialed press man's hand. (20) USC also lost to
Oregon State in a 36-7 beatdown. It's crazy to me that teams like USC and Texas were as bad as they were this year.

BCS Rankings: Week 6

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boise State
5. LSU
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma State
10. Michigan State

I think this is horribly misguided. Oregon, Auburn, fine. TCU? Still 3rd? Really? Is that cause they have 11 wins? I think that Boise's 51-0 shut out deserves the jump, considering Boise has never almost  lost like TCU did a couple of weeks ago. LSU has just been hanging on for dear life, and while I think it's commendable that they manage to do this, I think Wisconsin deserves a higher ranking than being below both them and Stanford. I guess Ohio State had to move up since Nebraska lost, but I think Michigan State's jump over Alabama is bullshit; they almost lost too.

11. Alabama
12. Arkansas
13. Oklahoma
14. Missouri
15. Nebraska
16. Virginia Tech
17. Texas A&M
18. South Carolina
19. Nevada
20. Utah
21. Arizona
22. Florida State
23. North Carolina State
24. Iowa
25. Mississippi State

This is such a mish-mash of teams that there are two 7-4 teams at the bottom. Awesome.

Games to Watch this Thanksgiving Weekend:

There is a lot of great football going on this weekend, so once you've stuffed your face, sit down on the couch and don't intend on moving for a solid 24 hours while you watch any or all of these games.

(1) Oregon vs. (21) Arizona: I don't think Arizona has a real shot against Oregon's offense, but I still think it's going to be a good game.
[Fri: 7pm/6 central, ESPN]

(2) Auburn vs. (11) Alabama: The Iron Bowl (that I won't be in Tuscaloosa to experience). Enough said. [Fri: 2:30pm/1:30 central, CBS]

(4) Boise State vs. (19) Nevada: A game for the bus, hopefully getting Boise to jump TCU when they play New Mexico this weekend.
[Fri: 10:15pm/9:15 central, ESPN]

(5) LSU vs. (12) Arkansas: Can the razorbacks break the Mad Hatter? My guess is no, but it will still be a great game. [Sat: 3:30pm/2:30 central, CBS]

(8) Ohio State vs. Michigan: I realize that this will most likely be a blowout, especially because it's in Columbus, but this is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. It's worth watching. [Sat: 12pm/11am central, ABC]

 (9) Oklahoma State vs. (13) Oklahoma: The battle of the Okies in Stillwater - my money is on Oklahoma. [Sat: 8pm/7 central, ABC]

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with good, food, family, friends, and of course, football!

Roll Tide & Go BLUE - BEAT OSU.

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