Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Collge Football 2010: Week 10

As the end of football season and the end of my first semester in law school draw closer and closer, one thing is clear in both situations: if you're going to lose, do it earlier in the year. If you're playing football, suck during your first game or your conference opener. If you're in law school, bomb your practice un-graded midterm. Now is not the time to be sub-par. Now is not the time to lose to unranked teams. Now is not the time to forego studying for a night at Gallettes. Now is the time to step up your game and prove you're where you're supposed to be.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The top four teams in the country did exactly that this weekend. (1) Oregon defeated Washington quite handily, 53-16. (2) Auburn defeated Chattanooga 62-24,  and (4) Boise State took down Hawaii 47-7. However, the biggest shock in the top five (at least to some) came when (3) TCU destroyed (5) Utah 47-7. I was really surprised that it wasn't more of a game, but there were people predicting that TCU would win by at least 3 touchdowns, so obviously the blowout wasn't a shock to everyone.

Burden of Proof

The American court system says "innocent until proven guilty", and a lot of the time, that's how NCAA football rankings go. Most of the time, you get to keep your rank until it is proven by another team that you don't deserve it. And this weekend, five other teams proved that five ranked teams didn't deserve where they were sitting. The Mad Hatter struck again, as (10) LSU defeated (6) Alabama, taking any National Championship hopes Alabama had with them. I don't want to be a supporter of the worst national championship coach ever, but he keeps beating teams he "wasn't supposed to beat". The deal with the devil is the only logical possibility in my mind.

In other weekend stunner, Texas A&M defeated (8) Oklahoma 33-19. My boyfriend went to A&M for undergrad, so I'm well-versed in their fanbase's frustration in their offense's consistent lack-luster second-half performances. However, A&M managed to hang on this time (even though they started the game with 19 unanswered points) and take down a top 10 team in the process. Alabama title hopes dashed, √. Oklahoma title hopes dashed, √. There goes my National Championship game prediction. Boomer Sooner.

To continue with the upheaval of the Big 12, an unranked Texas Tech outscored (12) Missouri 24-17. The ACC took a hit as well, when (24) Florida State suffered another upset this weekend as well, when North Carolina defeated them by two points, with a final score of 37-35. In addition, Clemson defeated (25) North Carolina State (who was only ranked because they had upset Florida State the week before). The final score in that game was only a point difference, 14-13.

Benefit of Assumption

While some teams were able to prove that a number of their ranked opponents didn't deserve their hype, others weren't able to do so much. These ranked teams that breathed a sigh of relief at the end of their games on Saturday had the benefit of the doubt on their side. So when they won their games by considerably close margins, it was still a W. (7) Nebraska defeated Iowa State (who seems to be on an attempted-season-ruining rampage) 31-30 in overtime. (16) Iowa came back to defeat Indiana 18-13, after being down almost the entire game. Nebraska moved down one spot in the rankings, but Iowa moved up three. In cases like these, a win is a win no matter how you slice it.

And in a league all of its own was the Michigan / Illinois game that took place in the Big House in Ann Arbor. Yes, the Big House, not Crisler Arena as the score might suggest. Michigan won the game in triple overtime with a final score of 67-65. The last time the two basketball programs at these schools met, the score was 51-44. Awesome, Greg Robinson's job should be available any day now.

BCS Rankings: Week 4

In the fourth week of the BCS, I'm pleasantly surprised with the top ten:

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Boise State
5. LSU
6. Stanford
7. Wisconsin
8. Nebraska
9. Ohio State
10. Oklahoma State

TCU appropriately jumped Boise, Stanford is ahead of Wisconsin, who is ahead of Ohio State. I would love to have Stanford in front of LSU, but I guess after you beat the number six team, you get to be number five.

The rest of the top 25 fell... pretty interestingly, to say the least:

11. Michigan State
12. Alabama
13. Iowa
14. Utah
15. Arkansas
16. Oklahoma
17. Missouri
18. Arizona
19. Mississippi State
20. Virginia Tech
21. Nevada
22. Florida
23. South Carolina
24. Kansas State
25. Texas A&M

Ecstatic that MSU didn't make it into the top ten; not so ecstatic that they are No. 11 and Alabama is No. 12. I find it amusing that Iowa's less-than-impressive performance moved them up three spots in the ranking, but not complaining. I think Utah, Oklahoma, and Missouri all dropped appropriately, and I find it extremely entertaining that we have four three-loss teams in the top 25 at this point in the season. Oh hey Florida, nice to see you again.

Games to Watch this Weekend:

(12) Alabama vs. (19) Mississippi State: A game I never thought would be relevant while I attended school at Alabama. [7:15pm/6:15 central, ESPN2]

(16) Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech: With Tech upsetting Missouri last weekend and A&M taking down Oklahoma, there is a chance that Tech could take the Sooners down while they're in a weak spot. [3:30pm/2:30 central, ABC]

(17) Missouri vs. (24) Kansas State: Kansas State took down Texas (albeit a 4-4 Texas), but still got recognition for it. Missouri fell to an unranked Tech. We'll see how this Big 12 match goes. [12:30pm/11:30am central]

(22) Florida vs. (23) South Carolina: This game is for the SEC East. Who would have though that the SEC East would suck so badly that the two top teams would both be three-loss teams? Winning the East this year is like being the coolest kid at space camp. [7:15pm/6:15 central, ESPN]

Michigan became bowl eligible last weekend with their basketball-sized win over Illinois, and they play Purdue this weekend. Who knows, maybe we'll have a defense and go 7-5 for the first time since Lloyd Carr left? Yeaaaah...

 Roll Tide & Go Blue.

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