Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010-2011 College Football Bowl Picks

The 2010-2011 College Football bowl season starts on Saturday, and I have decided to share my bowl picks with you all, for better or for worse. My family, my roommate, and my boyfriend have also made their picks and I have them all set up in a nice little spreadsheet. After the national championship game, I'll make sure to let y'all know who got the most picks right (my mom has even won on occasion!). But without further ado, my 2010-2011 bowl picks:

Bowl Teams My Picks
New Mexico BYU vs. UTEP BYU
Humanitarian Northern Illinois vs. Freshno State Northern Illinois
New Orleans Ohio vs. Troy Ohio
St. Petersburg Southern Miss vs. Louisville Southern Miss
MAACO Utah vs. Boise State Boise State
Poinsettia Navy vs. San Diego State Navy
Hawaii Hawaii vs. Tulsa Hawaii
Little Caesars Florida International vs. Toledo Toledo
Independence Air Force vs. Georgia Tech Air Force
Champs Sports West Virginia vs. NC State NC State
Insight Missouri vs. Iowa Missouri
Military East Carolina vs. Maryland Maryland
Texas Illinois vs. Baylor Baylor
Alamo Oklahoma State vs. Arizona Oklahoma State
Armed Forces Army vs. SMU Army
Pinstripe Kansas State vs. Syracuse Syracuse
Music City North Carolina vs. Tennessee North Carolina
Holiday Nebraska vs. Washington Nebraska
Meineke Car Care South Florida vs. Clemson Clemson
Sun Notre Dame vs. Miami Miami
Liberty Georgia vs. UCF UCF
Chick-fil-A South Carolina vs. Florida State South Carolina
Dallas Football Classic Northwestern vs. Texas Tech Northwestern
Outback Florida vs. Penn State Penn State
Capital One Alabama vs. Michigan State Alabama
Gator Mississippi State vs. Michigan Michigan
Rose Wisconsin vs. TCU Wisconsin
Fiesta Connecticut vs. Oklahoma Oklahoma
Orange Stanford vs. Virginia Tech Stanford
Sugar Ohio State vs. Arkansas Arkansas Middle Tennessee vs. Miami (Ohio) Miami (Ohio)
Cotton LSU vs. Texas A&M LSU
Compass Pittsburgh vs. Kentucky Kentucky
Fight Hunger Nevada vs. Boston College Nevada
National Championship Oregon vs. Auburn Oregon

The games I'm most excited for: Notre Dame vs. Miami, Florida vs. Penn State, Alabama vs. Michigan State, Mississippi State vs. Michigan, Wisconsin vs. TCU, LSU vs. Texas A&M, and obviously, the National Championship (I'm the only one on my spreadsheet who picked against Auburn!) We'll see how well my picks did on January 10th! Roll Tide & Go Blue!

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