Sunday, December 19, 2010

Big Ten May Reconsider New Division Names

Jim Delany has been the Big Ten commissioner for over 20 years, but I can guess that almost nothing could have prepared him for the overwhelmingly negative feedback on the new Big Ten division names, "Legends" and "Leaders". He stated that you rarely get a 90% approval rating because not everyone is going to agree with you. But to get a 90% non-approval rating on the names was very surprising.

He also mentioned the reasoning for ruling out other options: East and West were out based on the fact that the divisions weren't chosen by geography (even though if you look at a map, it almost fits), Stars and Stripes was deemed too generic, and Great Lakes and Great Plains wouldn't have accurately described all of the schools locations.

Delany has made it clear that this won't be a rash decision, and he wants to give everyone a chance to breathe before reconsidering. He commented that a few fans had suggested that the "Legends and Leaders" campaign didn't have to be thrown out completely, but be used as a slogan for the conference as a whole.

Either way, the fans have been heard and the Big Ten is open to change. It's not clear which way they're leaning with names, but I can't imagine it could be much worse than what came out during round one.

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