Thursday, December 2, 2010

College Football 2010: Week 13

I always forget that there are more than 12 weeks of football because the Big Ten never goes into the weekend of Thanksgiving. Some teams have a lot to be thankful for, while others watched their entire season (or what was left of it) go down the drain.

Still in the running

After some rocky starts, (1) Oregon and (2) Auburn are still racing toward the National Championship game. At halftime, (21) Arizona was up 19-14 on the ducks, and (11) Alabama was shutting out Auburn 24-7. However, Oregon's offense came back, as always, giving them a 48-29 win over their opponents. Auburn's game came down to the wire, as Alabama let a once 24 point lead dwindle down to where they were behind, by one point. And that's where they stayed, as Cam Newton and the tigers won at Bryant-Denny 28-27. As expected, (3) TCU stomped over New Mexico, with a final score of 66-17. (6) Stanford and (7) Wisconsin both dominated their opponents as well, Stanford 38-0 against Oregon State and Wisconsin 70-23 against Northwestern. With Boise State and LSU losses, Standard and Wisconsin are sitting pretty for the Rose Bowl.

Knocked down

Les Miles's deal with the devil ran out this weekend when the (5) LSU team took on (12) Arkansas, who has never been to a BCS bowl. They defeated the grass-eaters 31-23, and I'm sure all of the LSU fans were waiting for some miracle to happen like the Tennessee game, where the score was final for almost 2 minutes before they got another shot. But no such luck. (13) Oklahoma defeated (9) Oklahoma State to clinch the Big 12 South. Unfortunately for Texas A&M, their loss to Arkansas cost them their trip to the Big 12 Championship Game. But they did beat Texas this year, silver lining? (23) North Carolina State lost to Maryland 38-31, and in another nail in the (24) Iowa coffin, they lost to now 3-9 Minnesota 27-24. With their big defeat over Michigan State, I expected a lot more out of them this season.

But the upset of all upsets was when the Boise bus derailed in Nevada on Friday night. (3) Boise State was playing (19) Nevada, the highest ranked game ever played on the Wolfpack field. Boise was not playing up to their usual standards, and in the final two minutes of play, Nevada scored a touchdown, leaving Boise State just :13 on the clock to make a miracle. And that's exactly what Kellen Moore did, as he threw the ball all the way down the field for a diving catch to Titus Young (which you can watch here). However, what this incredible clip doesn't show is Boise State's kicker Kyle Brotzman missing a 26-yard field goal to win the game (but this clip does). It also doesn't show them going into overtime, where he missed another field goal from 29-yards, and where Nevada's redshirt freshman kicker made it from 34 yards to take down the mighty Boise Broncos. It was probably one of the most intense endings to a football game I've ever seen, minus maybe Michigan / MSU in 2004. So Bosie doesn't have a shot at the NCG, but that doesn't negate what an amazing season they and their star Kellen Moore had.

BCS Rankings: Week 7

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Stanford
5. Wisconsin
6. Ohio State
7. Arkansas
8. Michigan State
9. Oklahoma
10. LSU

Auburn finally jumps Oregon, which is probably appropriate with their massive comeback against Alabama. I guess I still think Wisconsin deserves to be ahead of Stanford but if they haven't dropped now, they aren't going to and I really hope Wisconsin gets to play Stanford in the Rose Bowl (meaning Oregon or Auburn needs to lose this weekend). I think Arkansas deserves to be ahead of Ohio State (really, who have they beaten) and Oklahoma deserves to be ahead of Michigan State. I know it sounds like I'm ripping on the Big Ten, but I'm not. I just think those teams are more deserving.

11. Boise State
12. Missouri
13. Nebraska
14. Oklahoma State
15. Virginia Tech
16. Alabama
17. Nevada
18. Texas A&M
19. South Carolina
20. Utah
21. Florida State
22. Mississippi State
23. Arizona
24. West Virginia
25. Northern Illinois

I think Boise fell a little far, but we knew that was going to happen, and we also knew Nevada wasn't moving much of anywhere with their win; they moved up as much as they could. Other than that, I'm pretty okay with these rankings, except for maybe Northern Illinois being in them at all.

 Games to Watch this Weekend:

SEC Championship: (1) Auburn vs. (19) South Carolina: I really hope SC puts up a good fight because I think this could be a great game (that I hope Auburn loses). [4pm/3 central, CBS]

Big 12 Championship: (9) Oklahoma vs. (13) Nebraska: I'm cheering for Oklahoma, mainly because they were my pick to play Alabama in the beginning of the season in the NCG. But I also think this should be a close game,  if Oklahoma's defense plays better than they did against OK State. [8pm/7 central, ABC]

ACC Championship: (15) Virginia Tech vs. (21) Florida State: This was my game that I called for the ACC championship and I'm going with my pick, VTech (despite their loss to James Madison. I know how losing to a 1-AA team feels). [7:45pm/6:45 central, ESPN]

Michigan & Alabama's seasons are done, so I have nothing to do but cheer for teams that these schools hate (aka Auburn). This is the last week of the regular football season, other than Army vs. Navy next weekend. Bowl picks will be coming just as soon as everyone has accepted their bids. Enjoy the last weekend before the bowl season!

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