Thursday, December 9, 2010

College Football 2010: Week 14

The final week of the regular College Football 2010 season (minus Army vs. Navy on Saturday 12/11) is over, and hosted many rivalry and championship games. Some outcomes surprising, most not.

Expected Wins

(1) Auburn defeated (19) South Carolina, which didn't surprised most people, although the score did. The final outcome was Auburn 56, South Carolina 17, giving Auburn the SEC Championship title and a place in the National Championship game on January 10th. (2) Oregon took down Oregon State in the Civil War this year, 37-20, also giving them a spot in the National Championship Game. (9) Oklahoma barely squeaked by (13) Nebraska for the Big 12 Championship, 23-20, and (15) Virginia Tech took down (21) Florida State for the ACC Championship, 44-33. While I can't say I correctly predicted that SEC Championship game, I'm proud to say I picked the Big 12 and ACC, teams and the winning team, appropriately.

Surprising Outcomes

A couple games this weekend didn't end the way most suspected they world. The most surprising was probably the upset in double-overtime of (23) Arizona by rival Arizona State. ASU blocked an extra point kick in double-overtime to beat the wildcats 30-29. The second (that most probably didn't watch) was an upset over (25) Northern Illinois by Miami (Ohio) 26-21.

The Final BCS Rankings of 2010

1. Auburn
2. Oregon
3. TCU
4. Stanford
5. Wisconsin
6. Ohio State
7. Oklahoma
8. Arkansas
9. Michigan State
10. Boise State

Other than my usual gripe thinking that Wisconsin should be ahead of Stanford, I'm good with this.
11. LSU
12. Missouri
13. Virginia Tech
14. Oklahoma State
15. Nevada
16. Alabama
17. Texas A&M
18. Nebraska
19. Utah
20. South Carolina
21. Mississippi State
22. West Virginia
23. Florida State
24. Hawaii
25. UCF

LSU should probably get the jump over Boise, but I won't argue that to my death. I don't like that Nevada is sitting over Alabama really either, or many of those teams to be honest, although they're definitely the lowest one or even two loss team. I also find it semi-entertaining that UCF is ranked. But again, not much to complain about.

The One Game to Watch this Weekend:

Army vs. Navy: Classic game of football. I think that Navy will win, but I'm cheering for Army (kind of have to since my boyfriend attended school there.) [2:30pm/1:30 central, CBS]

That's all she wrote, kids. I'll talk about the Heisman winner when that's announced, & I'll definitely be putting up my bowl picks before the start of the first game. Until then, I will be studying law through December 15th (which unfortunately, includes my birthday). This will be the best winter break EVER.

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