Monday, December 27, 2010

FIU Shocks Toledo in the Final Minute of Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl

The Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl is usually not one of the most exciting bowl games to watch, but being located in Detroit and also being the only football game on last night, I inevitably turned it on during the 4th quarter, right as Toledo scored a touchdown in the final two minutes. Toledo had obviously practiced a two-point conversion play, because there was no hesitation as their coach held up 2 fingers right after the touchdown. I held my breath (I picked Toledo to win) and watched as they flawlessly scored.

Even though it was 32-31 Toledo, there was still 1:15 left on the clock and FIU had two timeouts, which meant there was plenty of time to move down the field and kick a field goal for the win. After scoring a first down, getting sacked on second down, and not making it on third down, it was 4th and 17. You need to see the video to really understand what happened next (click here and go about halfway into the video).

For those too lazy to click, FIU pulled a crazy hook-and-ladder move on 4th and 17 and got a (controversial) first down by inches, setting them to kick a perfect 34-yard field goal to win their first bowl game in school history.

Thanks a lot, FIU. My bowl picks are really suffering this year and your random win isn't helping. But Toledo blew a 24-7 lead, so no sympathy here.

Air Force and Georgia Tech play at 5:00pm in the Independence Bowl tonight. I'll save you the suspense and tell you I picked Air Force... so hopefully, with the rate I'm going, y'all picked Georgia Tech since none of my teams are winning. Happy Bowl Season!

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