Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years in NOLA

My Christmas break from law school has been a whirlwind: 5 days at home before jetting to Milwaukee for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day to be with my extended family, and then back to Tuscaloosa two days later to hitch a ride to New Orleans for New Years Eve. I've never been to NOLA and I'm going with my group of best friends from law school, so I couldn't be more excited.

For those of you all wondering what I'm wearing on the big night to ring in 2011, I will tell you that my roommate bought me my NYE outfit for my birthday. It's a spaghetti-strap dress from Free People, royal blue (my current obsession) that I'm wearing with sheer tights and 4-inch stilettos.

I'm leaving this afternoon, so I won't be able to update about the bowl games or any fashion news until after I get back on January 2nd, where I'll be detoxing for the following week before the second semester of 1L year kicks off. Everyone enjoy their New Years Eve; ring it in with the people you love, and make sure you have someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight!

What happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans. 
Seeeeeeeeee ya!

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