Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nike Releases Bowl Game Uniforms

You can always expect Oregon to come out with a flashy new uniform for basically any game that they play, so it is certainly expected that Nike would design one for their appearance in the National Championship. Not only did Nike create new uniforms for Oregon, but Boise State, Florida, and TCU will all be sporting new threads when they take the field for their bowl games.

Boise State, Oregon, Florida

Oregon close-up
Until you get to the socks, I'm a big fan of Oregon's uniform. It has a little bit of an edge to it with the highlighter yellow (or for anyone in Michigan Greek-life, sober monitor yellow), but transferring that color to the socks is way too much. I could have dealt with shoelaces, but I have a feeling seeing 22 legs donned in those knee-highs is going to be distracting during the game. You can't really tell from this picture, but the Oregon helmet is patterned, which I can take or leave. The shoes are actually much cooler up close (and without the socks), and the gloves are fairly nifty as well. See the picture below for these details:

Oregon Gear close-up
I think the gloves are cool... if you're ever going to hold your hands like that to see that design. The helmet makes me a bit dizzy and I think I'd prefer a matte black or gun-metal color. I like the shoes, just ditch the socks. 

Another new uniform: Boise State got suited up for the Las Vegas Bowl

Boise State close-up

Again, I like this uniform until I hit the shoes, which resemble bowling shoes more than they do cleats. But at least they aren't neon colored and won't blind anyone watching the game. And even though I don't think that it matches, I love the shiny blue helmet.

Florida looks pretty much like they always do... where you can't tell that their colors are blue and orange, not white:

Florida close-up
Good work, Gators. You have the least distracting shoes! I don't think there is anything really on here that isn't to like. Simple, classic. Well done.

TCU doesn't have an official picture like the three above, but you can get the general idea from this:

TCU close-up
I think it's weird that the only noticeable purple on the uniform is in their socks? I wouldn't really count the outlining of the numbers or the stripe down the side. I would have liked to see purple pants with intense black jerseys.

Basically, nothing is so out of the box or new that I'm blown away, but I'm not totally disgusted with anyone's either. I think it would have been cool to see some throw-back style jerseys or just something even a little more creative than what was displayed, but whatever. As long as Boise isn't playing in blue, on blue, it can't be that bad. The new designs are just boring and not particularly worthy of an unveiling ceremony.

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