Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ohio State Players Trade Autographs For Tattoos

Just in time for the new year, Ohio State has come up with a new way to keep things interesting. The university is looking into allegations that several of their players traded autographs on memorabilia for tattoos, among potentially other favors. If this is true, it would likely be an NCAA violation and could make the players ineligible to play in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas on January 4th. The NCAA doesn't allow players to use their status to receive benefits.

Terrelle Pryor, who wasn't ever named in the investigations, quickly denied everything on Twitter by tweeting:
"I paid for my tattoo. GoBucks."
Awesome, Terrelle, cause everyone really cares. You were the biggest let down of the 2010 season, not that that really bothers me. Honestly though, I hope they're all eligible to play, so when Arkansas knocks them out in the Sugar Bowl there's no excuse. Goooo Razorbacks?

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