Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poinsettia Bowl Under Water; Game Still On

Navy might have a slight edge on San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl tonight, even though the game is in San Diego. Qualcomm Stadium's bowl surface is said to have been at least 50% covered in water, which might be a conservative estimate after seeing photos. Water levels were at two feet in some areas of the stadium, which accumulated so much water and mud that the two teams have resorted to practicing in carpeted hotel ballrooms. But the bowl is going on, and supposedly still kicking off at 5:06pm as scheduled. We're told that the grounds crew is going to be working around the clock to make that happen, pumping water out of the stadium through the night.

On top of the stadium being flooded, portions of the parking lot were also filled with muddy water. The lot is located next to the San Diego River, which overflows into it whenever there is a downpour. The parking lot is not expected to be back to 100% availability by game time, but will probably have a large portion of its spaces back due to receding water levels.

I don't think this will really affect the 51,000 tickets sold, because everyone is going to want to show up and see how they get this game played. Everyone will come prepared in their waterproof gear ready to watch a mud bath. And I can't even imagine what the field is going to look like after it's all torn up during the game, and then has to be played on again a week later in the Holiday Bowl. The Poinsettia Bowl isn't considered a major bowl (hence its 12/23 date), but I think this year it'll receive a record number of viewers.

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