Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alabama Basketball Upsets Kentucky Wildcats at the Coleman Coliseum

I went to a school in the SEC for football and got a basketball team too?

Roll Tide.

Yesterday, the Alabama Men's Basketball Game against No. 12 Kentucky filled the Coleman Coliseum for what proved to be the best basketball game in Alabama's season. No one expected Alabama to take the lead on the Wildcats, much less an 18-point lead at one instance during the game.

But what was once an 18-point lead was blown and the game was within a basket. But at the end of the game, Kentucky missed a three-point shot to win the game and left Alabama victorious 68-66. That leaves Alabama 3-1 in the SEC (only losing to Arkansas). I only caught the last two minutes of the game because I was at home reading about the Constitution... but the end of the game was one of the more exciting college basketball games I've ever seen.

Alabama's next game is Saturday at Auburn at 6pm/5 central.


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