Monday, January 3, 2011

Big Ten Off to a Rocky Start in 2011

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope everyone rang in the new year with good family, friends, food (& drinks), and of course, football. I would have to guess that Vegas is losing pretty big this year, since my sister is winning pretty big. I bet there are probably 1,000 people who called Washington over Nebraska like my sister did, as well as a handful of other upsets (Notre Dame over Miami, South Florida over Clemson) that no one else saw coming.

However, I really didn't see the Big Ten going 0-5 on New Years Day, and it's even debatable which loss was more brutal, although it's no debate that it came from the state of Michigan. Michigan State lost to Alabama 49-7 and Michigan lost to Mississippi State 52-14. I don't know what to say about Michigan State, after I watched Alabama player after Alabama player absolutely pummel their team. The Michigan players just gave up on Rich Rod; there is no doubt in my mind. I'm hoping Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon gives us Jim Harbaugh to us with a big red bow on top.

The other three losses were Penn State losing to Florida, Northwestern losing to Texas Tech, and Wisconsin losing to TCU (which were all relatively close games). TCU's win over Wisconsin made them the first non-BCS automatic qualifying team to win a Rose Bowl. Good start to 2011 for the Horned Frogs.

With all of the Big Ten disasters behind us, I'm hoping 2011 doesn't continue to look like this for the Big Ten. As for my bowl record, I unfortunately cannot beat my sister, but I'm within two games of beating my boyfriend. I need wins from LSU, Kentucky, and Oregon to seal that deal. I have Stanford in tonight's game, and while I think they'll pull it off, it should be very interesting.

In other news, Pretty Little Liars is back on TV tonight on ABC Family. If you don't already watch it, there is a marathon on right now, so catch up and jump on the bandwagon. That's where I will be for the remainder of the afternoon. I'm soaking up my ability to be a couch potato while I still can.

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