Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Official: Blake Lively is the New Chanel Ambassador

Karl Lagerfeld & Blake Lively
The rumor announced a few weeks ago has now been confirmed: Blake Lively is going to be the new Ambassador for Chanel's new handbag line "Mademoiselle" and will also appear in the Spring 2011 Campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld and released in April.

Blake and Karl were introduced by Anna Wintour six months ago, and Blake has said that her dream came true when Karl came to her. The bag Blake will be carrying around from the Mademoiselle line retails for about $2,000 - $3,300 and is on sale now. It comes in five different sizes, a wide variety of colors, and at least six different finishes (although I believe the classic smooth leather finish is always the way to go with quilted bags).

While I won't be able to afford this luxurious bag, the ads and the designs are bound to be flawless. I'm beyond excited for this duo to be working together. Stay tuned for the release of the campaign photos in April!

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