Sunday, January 23, 2011

Michigan & Hoke Hire Baltimore Ravens Greg Mattison As New Defensive Coordinator

Keep Denard Robinson, √. Focus on our lacking defense, √. Hire a knock-out defense coordinator from the NFL, who is also a Michigan man, √.

Hoke is 3 for 3 in my book so far, after making sure our superstar didn't transfer and then focusing his attention to fixing our horrible d-line. And what better way to start that process than by hiring a brand new, well-respected defensive coordinator willing to make the jump from NFL back to college ball.

Mattison has an impressive resume: starting with Western Michigan, then heading to Texas A&M, Michigan, Notre Dame, Florida, & the Ravens. This move back to Michigan is also a personal one, as his daughter Lisa currently lives in Ann Arbor.

I'm very excited for our brand new staff to take charge of our 2011 season. This is the dawning of a new era for Michigan football. Go Blue.

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