Sunday, January 16, 2011

Miss Nebraska Takes Home The 90th Miss America Pageant Crown

As my roommate aptly put it: "this girl is going to have a really normal freshman year of college."

Teresa Scanlan, the 2011 Miss Nebraska, was the first Miss Nebraska to ever win the crown, and is now the youngest girl to win the Miss America crown since the pageant debuted 90 years ago. Her prize? A $50,000 scholarship. Oh, and of course, a giant shiny crown and glittery sash.

The seventeen year-old senior in college said she's going to defer her enrollment at Patrick Henry College in Virginia to complete her reign, and she's also going to register to vote when she turns 18. After college, she intends on applying to law school to give lawyers a better reputation


I realize that all of these Miss (Insert State Here)'s have really high ambitions, and putting Miss America on your application will probably serve them really well, I just really don't forsee any of them taking on law school after the pageant life. Maybe I'm clueless and don't know enough about it, it just doesn't seem like the next logical step.

However, one thing I love is that this girl isn't rail-thin. She has a great, fit, normal-sized body. Thank you, Miss America, for not condoning the double-zero size norm that the rest of the world seems to.

Teresa Scanlan, Miss Nebraska & Miss America 2011
Miss Arkansas won first-runner up & Miss Hawaii won second-runner up. Congratulations to Teresa and to the state of Nebraska for their first
Miss America pageant win.

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