Thursday, January 27, 2011

NFL or ESPN for Greg McElroy?

Honestly, what can't he do?

While the future for Greg McElroy is uncertain, it's certain that he'll be doing something great. Right now, McElroy is prepping to show the NFL that he's draft-worthy, he also seemingly has opportunities off the football field and out of a uniform. During the advanced coverage of the BCS National Championship Game, McElroy was invited to Bristol, CT, home of ESPN headquarters, to show them that he's not just a football player from the south.

While ESPN has not formally offered him a job, Greg has said that he believes he would have one available to him if he wanted one:
“They haven't said anything specifically to me, but rumors around were that if I wanted to come on, there was a place for me. They were happy about the way things went, and I felt pretty confident about how I handled myself. It's a lot more difficult that people give it credit for.”
I love Greg McElroy (he even had my lucky number during his tenure at Bama), & I wish him nothing but the best, whether it's in the NFL or at ESPN.

Roll Tide.

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