Monday, January 24, 2011

"Silent Gratitude Isn't Much Use To Anyone" -G.B. Stern

This post is probably long overdue, but sitting on my bed going through new topics to write about while simultaneously writing a standard of review for my legal writing class made me realize that this past semester has been one of the most difficult, but also one of the most rewarding, of my life. And for that, I owe a lot of thank yous.

Cleats & Couture started off as a way to pass time: I loved sports, I loved fashion, I loved to write. I've always been a writer, constantly thinking of new stories to tell and new ways to tell them. My first big break came this summer when I had the privilege and honor of interviewing ESPN Columnist Pat Forde for C&C. Interviewing my sports-writing idol was honestly nothing short of a dream come true, and I've been lucky to have Pat in my corner ever since (he even came to the Alabama vs. Florida Law School tailgate to say hi to everyone!). So thank you Pat, for starting me on the right track and giving me the best advice I've received thus far regarding my writing and career:
say yes to everything.

After Pat, I had the pleasure of interviewing fashion designer Tania Spinelli to give my fashion readers a designer's perspective on the world. I was introduced to her by my cousin and renowned fashion model, Mary Kay DeMaio, who has been nothing but incredibly supportive. Having her love, & encouragement behind me has been invaluable.

Then law school happened. I had to stop writing every day (I was lucky to post once a week!) as I adjusted to a brand new life. I moved clear across the country to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to start my education as a lawyer, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends to go through that process with me. My roommate has been incredible since day one; my fall semester section couldn't have been more perfect,  and my boyfriend has been pretty great too. To my amazing group of friends: you know who you all are. Thank you for taking the token yankee under your wings and making y'all part of my everyday vocabulary (and special thanks goes to the Gremlin for making sure to eat your Burger King regularly to minimize attacks).

In December, Cleats & Couture was asked to join the FoxSports YardBarker Network with MSN, and since then, everything has been a whirlwind. These last five months have fallen so perfectly into place, I'm pretty much waiting to wake up from a dream any day now. This post was to acknowledge how all of this started and how grateful I am to everyone who has influenced, helped, and loved me through this process. And I want to especially thank you, the people I write for. I (obviously) couldn't have done this without your support.

Love always,

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