Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tate Forcier Leaves Michigan... & Shares His Feelings on Twitter

Another A+ for Brady Hoke in my book is that he got the crybaby Tate Forcier to say adios to Ann Arbor. After pouting all season that Denard was starting instead of him, Tate announced his departure from the Michigan football team (after he was declared ineligable for the Gator Bowl) on Twitter. Yes, you read that right. I've posted his "press release" in it's entirety, that he titled himself.

Immediate Press/Sports Release: January 20, 2011- Robert “Tate” Forcier University Of Michigan Sophomore Quarterback
Why do we all wait until we are at our lowest point to seek God's help? I've been kicked, pushed, knocked down, publicly berated, belittled, emasculated and more. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to give up or feel the victim. The humility of it all is indescribable and that is exactly my point. I had to reach rock bottom in order to see the light, and for that, I am thankful. It was not until then, I realized that it was my lack of accountability and maturity and not to pass blame.
I do hope all my young fans forgive me and benefit from my lessons that I have learned. Be grateful for what you have and be humble for your successes. Don't wait to ask God into your life as he will help you see things clearer. In summary, I believe, I will become a better student and a person of stronger character from these experiences at Michigan.
I can proudly state, "I worked hard on the practice field, in the film room and at meetings," after all, football is my passion. I had fun celebrating with the fans. I even competed hard while injured as a true freshman through the last (8) games in 2009, but I always played the game giving it my all. I am proud to have been part of Michigan Football history and will always cherish the memory.
The last few weeks I worked extremely hard to catch back up. I really wanted to stay. I was not giving up on Michigan, but in the end, it was made clear they had given up on me. With that being said, its time for me to go. I promise the Michigan family and fans I will make you proud again.
Tate Forcier #5 - A Michigan Man Forever - Go Blue
Tate actually didn't even give Hoke and his staff a choice, seeing as how he didn't enroll at Michigan for the winter semester. Whatever, if this press release means I'm really done associating him and his piss-poor attitude with my Alma Mater, I'm thrilled.

Go Blue.

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