Monday, January 24, 2011

When Parents Text

The newest website craze is here. There was FML, then there was TFLN. Now, what might be the funniest of them all: When Parents Text. People submit their real transcripts of text messages with their moms, dads, and sometimes even grandparents. I know this is completely unrelated to sports or fashion, but I thought it was definitely worth sharing to brighten up everyone's Monday. Below of some of my absolute favorites, and are ones that I can completely see myself getting from either of my parents. Enjoy!

Mom: Stupid BB Torch keeps dialing the other Dwight I know, so I changed your Dad’s name to Optimus Prime. Would you like to be a Transformer, too? 


Dad: THE NECTARINES ARE READY dont 4get. dad
Dad: I left a note on the kitchen table next to the bag of NECTARINES so u wouldnt 4get. its an orange note. he said that they would be ripe today so pls eat them. dad
Dad: did you see the note? it is orange dad


Mom: sharon says hi
Me: who is sharon?
Mom: the woman at costco giving out samples

Dad: twitter? thats the same thing as quidditch right?


Mom: Was binky barnes one of arthurs friends
Me: Whose that?
Mom: Arthur and DW the aardvarks 


 Me: I like the pickles idea, just don't think it was maent to be in a packed lunch
Mom: Thanks for your feedback. The Management

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