Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love, Yurman

So since I'm the writer of this whole shin-dig, I'm allowed to write about shameless personal plugs, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. On Monday, I entered my boyfriend and I in a David Yurman Valentine's Day contest. All I had to do was upload an "original, romantic photo" of my boyfriend & I on their contest page and get the most number of votes on my photo as possible. The top ten finalists with the most votes are looked at by David Yurman himself and a winning couple is chosen to receive two article of David Yurman jewelry. For anyone that's ever read my blog or knows me at all, you know and understand my obsession with David Yurman, going even so far as to say that a pair of Manolos and a Yurman Petite Albion ring are my two "I've made it" purchases.

So here's my request: please go to the link below, click on it, and vote for my picutre. You can click like too, but make sure to click the pink "vote" button right underneath it. The contest ends Friday at 3pm EST and you can vote once a day, so send it to whoever you know! I am currently in the top 10 but I'd really like to make sure my photo stays there.

This is the picture we submitted, and here is the link for you to go vote!

And if you haven't had enough David Yurman by scanning through their pictures on their Facebook page, make sure to check out my designer bio on David Yurman himself.

Thanks so much for all of your support, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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