Saturday, February 12, 2011

VIDEO: Third-String Quarterback Johnny McEntee Shows UConn Why He Should Be On The Field

Johnny McEntee, UConn Football's 3rd string quarterback, is literally the master of apparently meaningless accuracy since he never gets to put his talents to good use from the UConn bench. The video below is a five minute clip of him making the most absurdly on-point throws and passes you've probably ever seen. Clearly, it's been edited because it's a film and you don't know how many he "missed" before hand, but the fact that he can really make any of these shots is saying something, even if he tried it 50 times before. Although, by the looks of this video, it doesn't really seem like that was the case. Check it out for yourself; this guy seriously has a gift like I've never seen before.

Watch the whole clip; I promise you it's worth the five minutes of your time. (Girls, aside from the fact the video is cool, he's worth watching because he's pretty good-looking.)

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