Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Ten to Form Six-Team Hockey Conference

Sources say that as early as next week, the Big Ten will make an official announcement about a six-team hockey conference. Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin would be the six teams to make the conference, and would create 20 conference games (obviously leaving plenty of room for non-conference play).

While I don't claim to know much about hockey, one of my best friends and my younger sister are both fanatics, so I get enough knowledge from both of them to know a thing or two. Hockey is one of Michigan's elite athletic programs, and it's great to see it be given the potential to grow even further. Hopefully, lacrosse is next.

Sidebar: (8) Michigan is playing (1) Duke today in basketball. For those of you wondering where my allegiance lies: I would gladly have my March Madness bracket go up in flames for a Michigan win today. GO BLUE.

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