Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dior Dismisses John Galliano After Anti-Semitic Video Surfaces

In a week admist Charlie Sheen craziness, the fashion world managed to throw themselves into the mix too. Head designer for Christian Dior, John Galliano, was dismissed yesterday when a video surfaced of him making extremely anti-semitic and racist comments to two women in a cafe in Paris. This video surfaced after Galliano was accused of an anti-semitic assault in a Parisian Bar.

[For anyone who can't hear exactly what he said: "I love Hitler... People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be f***ing gassed and f***ing dead."

Natalie Portman, the face of Miss Dior perfume, was born in Jerusalem and is Jewish herself. She has publicly stated that she has disassociated herself from Galliano after viewing the "disgusting video". It is still unknown whether or not Natalie will remain in her contract with Dior after this incident.

Honestly, what was he thinking? This guy just absolutely ruined his career. I don't really see a way for him to come back from this. Also, could he have had worse timing with Paris Fall 2011 Fashion Week starting yesterday? It now remains unknown whether Dior will debut their new line. It makes me incredibly sad that there are still people in the world who feel the need to make their hatred a public affair.

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