Friday, March 4, 2011

I Don't Have To Pick Just One

Let me preface this post with this statement: this is not directed at anyone in particular. But nevertheless, I feel like it needs to be addressed, mainly because I have no interest in explaining it to anyone anymore and now I won't have to.

For anyone that knows me, and especially for anyone that sees me on a regular basis at school, I'm sure you've noticed that I wear a variety of sports teams apparel. To be exact, I wear five teams: Michigan, Alabama, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, and Duke. I cannot tell you the number of people who, not just once, but upwards of ten times, have commented on how I'm a "t-shirt" fan, or how I should "just pick one team to support."

Let me tell you why I a) think that is stupid and b) don't have to do that.

Michigan: If y'all can't figure out why I wear Michigan gear, you can stop reading now. (Hint: I went there for undergrad and they will always be my team.)

Alabama: I go to school here now, so I'm 2/2 on what I'm allowed to wear.

Wisconsin: Both of my parents went there, and if we hadn't moved to Michigan from Wisconsin, I probably would have gone there too. And for the record, I own one Wisconsin shirt, I just happen to wear it frequently because it's comfortable.

Texas A&M: My boyfriend went there for undergrad (as I'm sure you can tell by his own wardrobe selection). I'm a klepto, and I stole a t-shirt and sweatshirt of his. And A&M winning means he isn't depressed, so you're damn right I'm allowed to support that.

Duke: This is the one I have the hardest time explaining to people, just because there is seemingly no relation in anyone's mind. But really, it's very simple: Duke had always been my dream school, and when I started to follow lacrosse, Michigan didn't (and still doesn't) have an NCAA lacrosse team, so Duke was the team I chose to follow and support. When Michigan becomes a D-1 lacrosse school, they will obviously come first.

So, am I a "t-shirt" Wisconsin & Texas A&M fan? Technically probably, because it doesn't affect me personally when they win or lose, but it's really important to people I care about. As for the other three, if you know me at all (and if you read this blog), you should know that isn't the case. Let's be honest, why would I be writing a sports and fashion blog if I didn't get clinically depressed when my team lost a football game?

Now the next time someone tells me I can't wear five different teams, I have no problem giving them the Yankee death stare I'm so well known for. You have been warned.


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