Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jim Tressel & His Sweater Vest are Suspsended and Fined for NCAA Violations

How the mighty (?) have fallen.

Ohio State suspended their football coach Jim Tressel yesterday for two games and also slapped him with a hefty $250,000 fine for violating NCAA regulations. Tressel didn't notify the university when he recieved information about two of his players regarding the sale of memorabilia. Tressel is also going to have to deliver a forma apology, as well as be publicly reprimanded for his poor choice in judgment. It's possible that the NCAA will reject OSU's self-imposed sanctions & tack on new ones of their own.

Tressel recieved news that players were under a federal investigation back in April (the news didn't break to the public until the end of December). He claims that the reason he didn't bench the two players cited in an email he received was because he "didn't want to interfere with a federal investigation."

Despite all of this, the university is 110% behind Tressel's actions. They have absolutely no intention of firing him. Both University President Gordon Gee and Athletic Director Gene Smith have made it very clear that Ohio State is standing by their coach and will not be dismissing him because of this incident.

Personally, I think was about time Ohio State got what they had coming to them. After allowing five guilty players to participate in the Sugar Bowl this past January, it needs to be made clear that the rules are made for everyone, and Ohio State shouldn't be exempt from that. That's fine if OSU wants to keep Tressel, no one wants him anyway.

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