Monday, March 14, 2011

The Madness Begins

March Madness is certainly called that for a reason, and after watching Selection Sunday yesterday, that's pretty much all anyone seems to be thinking about in regards to the picks the NCAA Selection Committee made. Yes, we know the likes of Duke and Kansas had to be ranked No. 1, but did Ohio State really deserve the No. 1 overall rank? More importantly, who was left out of the tournament that shouldn't have been? The name that seems to be on everyone's mind is the Alabama Crimson Tide

After having one of their best seasons in recent  history, having one of the only perfect at-home records in the SEC (the other being Kentucky), being ranked No. 1 in the SEC West, having a conference record second only to Florida, and having beat Georgia (who comes into the tournament with a No. 10 ranking) TWICE, the Crimson Tide still got snubbed from the big dance. Someone please explain.

What's even more shocking? The teams they let in instead of Alabama, which include SEC East team Tennessee (with a conference record of 8-8 and overall 19-14), and UAB (which for those of you who not surprisingly don't know who that is, is University of Alabama - Birmingham). UAB going to the dance over Alabama would be the equivalent of UofM - Dearborn taking UofM - Ann Arbor's spot. It shouldn't have happened.

Yes, Alabama lost some key games, but who hasn't this year? The entire NCAA Basketball season has been up for grabs with (in my opinion) no clear front-runner to back. Alabama's record is dead even with Georgia's, a team they beat not once, but two times during the regular season, and their record is two wins higher than that of Tennessee (with three less losses as well). The Selection Committee made a glaring error in judgment, and it cost Alabama a chance to dance for the first time since 2006.


Sidebar: On the very great plus side, Michigan made it into the tournament! With an 8 seed, they are playing a No. 9 Tennessee team (who I'm praying they beat), just to go on to play a No. 1 Duke team. Yes, to answer your question, I am cheering for Michigan. However, I'm betting smarter than that and Duke is going forward in my bracket.



  1. I NEED to get on making a bracket this year! I did one 2 years ago and dominated those boys oh yes I did!

  2. !!! yes. i'm contemplating making a pool (no money involved of course) for all my c&c readers, i will keep you posted!!



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